Pausing your subscription

Pausing your subscription keeps you from being charged while you're not using your account. We will store all of your booking data and settings in place for when you're ready to return. Any remaining time left on your current billing cycle will be added as an account credit. Restart the subscription and that account credit will be used before you are charged again. 

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Pause your subscription
Restart your paused subscription

Pause your Subscription

To pause your subscription, head to the Billing page from your top navigation menu. Click Pause or Cancel subscription.

Select Pause subscription from the pop-up modal and click Continue:

Review the following page and then click Pause Subscription:

When logged into your account, you'll see a yellow banner notifying you your subscription is currently paused. You won't be able to take bookings during the paused subscription, but you can continue to edit any existing booking pages. 

Restarting your Paused subscription

Click Restart subscription from the banner at anytime to reactivate your subscription, or navigate to the Billing page

From the billing page click Restart subscription

Confirm that you want to restart the subscription. Any account credit from when you paused the subscription will be used before you are charged again.

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