Share your unique Zoom meeting link

Now that you've Integrated your Zoom account with you'll want to use the shorthand codes {ZOOM} and {ZOOM-LINK} in your communications with your bookers and yourself to display their unique meeting link.

In this article:

Zoom link in the Calendar Event Location
Shorthand code {ZOOM} in confirmation & reminder emails
Shorthand code {ZOOM-LINK} in SMS and calendar event description
Shorthand code {ZOOM-PASSWORD} for password enabled Zoom accounts

Unique Zoom link in Event Location

Navigate to Notifications > Calendar events on your booking page, and under Event location select Zoom.

This will add the unique Zoom link to the Event location of your booking on your linked calendar. 

Use the shorthand code {ZOOM} in emails to booker

Anywhere you want the booker to see a clickable unique Zoom link for this meeting, add the shorthand code {ZOOM}. This includes the confirmation emails and reminder emails.

In the email your booker receives, this link will automatically be hyperlinked. 

Use the shorthand code {ZOOM-LINK} in SMS & Calendar event

If you are sending an SMS with the unique meeting link, use the shorthand code {ZOOM-LINK} as the Markdown formatting of the other shorthand code {ZOOM} is not recognized by SMS standards. The Zoom link will still hyperlink in the text message. 

Use {ZOOM-LINK} also in the body of the calendar event description, or in the bookers calendar event if participants is turned off

Shorthand code {ZOOM-PASSWORD} for password enabled Zoom accounts

Zoom has increased security and enabled password protected meetings on most accounts. will automatically embed the password for your booking directly in your booking link. When you booker clicks on the link they will not be prompted for a password, but taken right into the meeting.

In your Zoom settings, if your admin has disabled the setting "Embed password in meeting link for one-click join" you'll need to manually include the password with your bookings. 

To manually include the password, use the shorthand code {ZOOM-PASSWORD} anywhere you want the booker to view the password for the booking.