branding on booking pages is a small, independently funded company, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

There are many benefits for our customers as a bootstrapped company - we are constantly investing in our product, engineering and customer experience. However, we also have to balance the costs of building and supporting ourtool, and how we manage our revenue. Branding helps us grow our tool sustainably and stay in business for years to come.

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Turning off branding on accounts with 2 or more calendars branding on free accounts

Free accounts carry a static Powered for FREE by badge on the booking page. This badge moves as bookers scroll through available times, but always floats on top of your page. 

You can upgrade your account to remove this static badge.

Paid accounts linked to a single calendar ( $10/month) will still maintain a small grey Powered by badge at the bottom of their booking pages. This badge links your visitors to our main website.

Turning off Powered by branding on paid accounts

If your account is paying for a subscription for 2 or more calendars each month, you can choose to turn off the branding in your Account settings. Toggle off branding on booking pages and click the button to Update Preferences. It will turn off branding on all booking pages. 

You can upgrade your account to remove branding by linking to additional calendars across your booking pages, or setting up a team booking page