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You can use either Repeating or Custom Availability to setup booking times on your team booking page. Follow this guide to understand when which setup is recommended, and how your team can manage their available booking times. 

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Using Repeating Availability with your team
Using Custom Availability with your team

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Using Repeating Availability with your team

Repeating availability sets standard work hours for the entire week. This is a good option to use if: 

  • your entire team is in the same timezone
  • each team member manages their other events and commitments directly on their linked calendar
  • team members are looking to fill their free time with bookings from clients

Any open or free time on your team members calendar during the set working hours will be offered as available for booking. 

Under Times & availability, select Repeating Availability. Then click Edit to the set working hours for your team. These hours will apply to each team member. 

If a team member doesn't want to be available at a certain time or certain day, they will just add a busy event to their calendar at that corresponding time. Busy events will be respected by and prevent that team member from being double-booked. 

Using Custom Availability with your team

Custom Availability allows each team member to indicate when they want to be available for bookings, instead of offering up all the open times on their calendar. This option works best if:

  • Some team members need to limit their availability for bookings
  • Team members are working in different timezones
  • Not all team members are available on the same days

Only the times they indicate will display as available for booking. 

1. Under Times & availability, select Custom Availability. Check the days your team is available and set the range of times that anyone on the team might be available. If you have team members in different timezones, make sure the schedule can accommodate the times they are free in their timezone.  

2. Next select a title for your events. This will be the the title that each team member uses on their linked calendar to indicate their availability. For best results make the phrase unique and remember it is case-sensitive. 

3. Each team member will go to their own linked calendar (i.e. Google or Outlook) and create events on their calendar with that selected Custom Availability phrase you set in step 2. They will create these events on their calendar when they are available. The events need to be at least the length of your appointment duration, and are set to  Free (the default when creating a new event is  busy).

Team members part of multiple booking pages can have multiple Custom Availability events on their calendar.

Refresh the browser window in to see the time slots your team members have added appeared.  Need help? Follow this troubleshooting guide.

Note about the preview

With "Booker automatically assigned team member" selected, the preview will display the combined availability of all team members. When "Booker chooses team member from a list" selected, the preview will display the availability of the first team member listed on the Calendar & teams page. Visit the live page to view availability for a specific team member. 

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