Team booking page timezone & language settings

Time zones can be tricky, but helps simplify it, whether you are taking bookings locally, or around the globe.

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Booking page timezone

The timezone of your booking page is anchored to the timezone of the first team member listed on the Calendar & teams section. If all of your team members are together in the same timezone, this is less important. However if your team is spread across timezones, it will influence the way your booking page availability is displayed. 

Drag and drop team members to your preferred order based on their timezone. 

Navigate to Times & availability > Language & Timezones to continue configuring the timezone and language settings for your booking page. 

1 - Booking page timezone

This is the timezone we are automatically detecting from the calendar of the first team member listed on the Calendar & teams page. The set working hours of your page will be anchored to this timezone. You can uncheck this box and manually set a timezone for your booking page from the dropdown. In that case, all team members will receive bookings in that manually set timezone.

2 - Automatically detect bookers timezone

This feature automatically detects your visitors timezone (from their IP address) and displays your availability relative to their timezone.

If you anticipate that all of your bookers will be in the  same timezone as you, you can uncheck this box. With this box unchecked, everyone will view your availability based on your timezone, no matter their location. All confirmation emails will reflect your timezone as well. 

If you will have bookers in  different timezones, keep this box checked. With this box checked, they will book times convenient for them, based on their own location. All confirmation emails to the booker will reflect the booking time in the timezone they've been detected in. 

In a some cases with the  Automatically detect bookers timezone feature on, a bookers location can be detected from their IP address incorrectly. This could be the case if they are using a VPN, location masking services, or booking from a mobile device. If this is happening in your booking page, your booker can select the correct timezone from the drop down before selecting a booking time. You can also provide instructions using the shorthand code {TIMEZONE-BOOKER}.

3 - Language and date/time format

The Language setting allows you to specify the language and country for formatting all the dates and times. This also sets the language for the text your users see when making bookings (text that you don't directly control, like the text on the days of the week, or the 'confirm' and 'cancel' buttons.) 

For example, English (United States) will give you AM/PM times, while English (United Kingdom) will give you a 24 hour clock.

If all your users are in the same part of the world, uncheck "Automatically detect visitor language" and manually set the language for that location. But if you are taking bookings from people in different places, select "Automatically detect visitor language". This means we detect the browser settings of each booker to show the dates and times in the format they would expect.  

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