Managing your Integrations

Your account can be integrated with multiple calendar accounts, along with other services.

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Integrate with calendar accounts
Integrate with additional services
Removing integrations
Re-authorize an integration

Integrate with calendar accounts

When your account is first created, you were prompted to integrate either with a Google our Outlook 365 calendar account. At any time, you can choose to integrate additional calendar accounts - your own or those of your team.

Our pricing is based, not on integrated accounts, but on how many calendars under each calendar account you link to on your booking pages. 

From the top account navigation menu, select Integrations. This is where all your integrated accounts reside.

Under the section connect with additional calendar accounts, you can connect additional Google or Outlook calendar accounts that you hold the credentials to. 

OUTLOOK USERS: if you are logged into a Outlook account in your browser, your account will automatically integrate with that account. If you want to select a separate Outlook account, you'll need to first log out of other instances of other Outlook accounts in your browser, or login to in an private/incognito browsing window.

Integrating with additional services

After you've integrated all of your calendar accounts, you may also want to integrate additional services with 

You can integrate a single account of each kind of service. To integrate with a specific service, click Connect under that service and enter your account credentials.

Stripe allows you to securely take credit card payments for your bookings.

Zapier connects your account to hundreds of apps like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Google Apps, and more - getting your bookers data into systems you already use. 

Gmail sends notifications from your bookings straight from your Gmail-based account, helping improve deliverability and giving you a copy of every email sent.

Zoom generates unique meeting links for each of your bookings from a single integrated Zoom account. 

Removing integrations

At anytime you can remove an integrated account. From the list on integrated accounts, click the Disconnect button.

Re-authorize an integration

If you've changed a password or security setting you may need to re-authorize our connection to a specific integration. To do that, click the arrow next to the Disconnect button and select Re-authorize.