Customize the calendar event for team member and booker

When each team member is receiving bookings through it is important to see at a glance what kind of meetings they have. You can customize the way the bookings appear on the team members calendar.

The calendar event for all the bookings on a booking page can be managed under  Notifications > Calendar Events.

In this article: 

The calendar event title
The calendar event description
Event location
Booker calendar event

The calendar event title

This is how the event will appear on the team members calendar when they are booked. The default is a generic "booked: {FNAME} {EMAIL}" which will pull in the first name of your booker and their email address. You can customize this to be more meaningful to your team member about the appointment.

If you're using Appointment types, use the shorthand code {TYPE-NAME} to pull in which appointment type was booked.

The calendar event description

This box contains all the details about the booking - when your client made the appointment, and all of the information they entered on the booking form with the {FORMFIELDS} shorthand code. Click Insert shorthand codes to see a list of information from your booking page you can include in the event description.

You can also include additional information in this box and it will appear in the description box of every booking you receive through 

If you've added your team members static video link (ie Google Meet) in the Team Description field, you can reference that in the calendar event description with the shorthand code {TEAM-DESCRIPTION}.

Event Location

Select  Set Location to add a physical address to your bookings. On Google Calendar, this address will be turned into an active Google Maps link. You can also collect a physical address from your booker on the booking form, and put the shorthand code assigned to that question in the Set Location box.

If you do add a physical address to this calendar event, you can use the shorthand code {LOCATION} to reference that address in your confirmation and reminder emails. 

If your team members have shared their Zoom credentials as a Contributor, you can select Zoom as the location, and we will generate a unique meeting link in the calendar event from their personal Zoom account. 

If all team members are using Google calendars for booking, you can select Google Meet as the location, and we will generate a unique meeting link on their Google calendars. 

The team member and booker can join the meeting by clicking the Google Meet or Zoom link directly in their calendar. 

Invite participants to the calendar event

By default the booker will be invited to the calendar event as a participant. That means the calendar event will appear the same way on the team members calendar as on the bookers. If you make any changes to the calendar event, like the title or manually moving the booking to a new day/time, it will update on the bookers calendar automatically.

You can also invite other emails as participants to the event, such as colleagues, or meeting room calendars.

Toggle this feature off if you don't want the booking to be automatically added to your bookers calendar. Then you can edit the Booker calendar event in the top right. This will be what they see when they click the "add to calendar" buttons in the confirmation emails.