Organizing your Administrator dashboard

On a team account, the Account Owner and Administrator roles have access to all of the booking pages on an account. Here's how to keep your account organized.

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Viewing your admin dashboard
Search booking pages on dashboard
Sort booking pages on dashboard
Switching dashboard to Grid view
Organizing booking pages by folder

Viewing your Administrator dashboard

As an Account Owner or Administrator on a account, you can access all booking pages on that account. Click on Dashboard in the top navigation page of your account to view the booking pages. 

Use the spyglass to search all booking pages across your account.

Sort booking pages on dashboard

You can also sort all booking pages by title, domain, date edited, status (online or offline).

Switching to dashboard grid

If you have a lot of booking pages, you can switch to a grid to see more pages at a time on your dashboard.

Organize booking pages by folder

Each Administrator on an account can organize the booking pages any criteria by creating Dashboard folders on the right hand side.

The folders you create are unique to your own account, and won't affect any other Administrators view or the Account Owners view. 

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