View and export bookings for your team

Account Owners and Administrators can view all bookings across all booking pages, and export account booking data into a CSV file. Editors can view bookings from only booking pages that have been assigned to them. 

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View Bookings for all booking pages
View Bookings for a specific booking page
Export Bookings
Troubleshooting tips

View Bookings for all booking pages

From your Dashboard, click Bookings at the top navigation bar.

This will show the bookings for all booking pages on your account. On your bookings dashboard you can:

1. Filter and select a specific booking page to view bookings just for that team or team member.
2. Adjust the timezone in which the bookings are displayed.
3. Jump to a specific date to see bookings for that day
4. Export bookings to a CSV file, filtered by a certain date range
5. Click Details on a specific booking to see more information, edit booker details, or to cancel, reschedule, rebook, or delete. 

View Bookings for a specific booking page

Another method to view bookings is to click Bookings under the specific booking page. This method will take you to the bookings dashboard but only display bookings associated with that particular booking page. 

Export bookings

You must be logged in as an Account Owner or Administrator to export bookings from your account into a .CSV file.  The .csv file can be sent to any email address, and the email will be valid for 24 hours.

Safari cannot process .csv files, so the file must be opened in Chrome, Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer.

From your Bookings Dashboard, click Export on the right side. 

You'll need to decide:

1. The criteria you would like to filter bookings by. Filter by booking start date to export all of the bookings that have occurred during a specific date range. Filter by booking created date to export all of the bookings that were made during a specific date range. 
2. The date range of bookings based on your filter. Selecting a date range that doesn't match your filter will result in a blank or incomplete export. 
3. Include bookings from specific booking pages on your account, or all booking pages. Use the dropdown list to uncheck any booking pages you don't want included in the export.
4. By default the export will go to your account email. Click Change to send this export to a different email address.

Check your email and click on the Download now link to access your .csv file.

Troubleshooting tips

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