Team mutual availability booking page

A team mutual availability booking page checks the availability of more than one team member, and display booking times when all are open for bookings.

This article will walk you through setting up a mutual availability booking page. Check out these guides to creating a team booking page, or an individual booking page for a team member

In this article:

Checking multiple team members calendars
Adding booking to all calendars
Setting availability for the page
Sharing Zoom links on the page

Checking multiple team member calendars 

When checks multiple calendars for availability, only free time across all calendars will be available for booking on the side, so your booker will only select a time when all parties are available to meet. 

🌎  Note about timezones

When you're checking multiple team members calendars, the timezone of the booking page will be anchored to the calendar where the booking is created. Ensure the working hours on this booking page work for all team members when they are in different timezones. 

  1. Navigate to Calendar & teams. Click Edit to select the calendars you want to check for availability. 
  2. Check the box next to the calendars you would like this booking page to check for availability, and deselect any calendars you don't want checked. When all the calendars are correctly selected, click Next
  3. Select which calendar the booking will be added to. This calendar will determine the timezone of the booking page, and will also send the calendar invitation to your booker. The rest of the participants will be added to the calendar event in the following step. When done, click Finish & Save.

Adding bookings to all calendars

To add the booking to everyone's calendar, use the Invite participants feature under Notifications > Calendar events. Add the email address of the team members who would like to have the booking added on their calendar. You can also add the email address of any shared resource you would like to book. Remove email addresses by clicking the x next to the email. 

"All booking form emails" are all of the email addresses entered on your booking form, so your booker will also have this event automatically added to their calendar.

Setting availability on a mutual availability booking page

Repeating availability is the recommended setup on this booking page configuration. 

Navigate to Times & availability > Availability, and set the hours your team members can take bookings. Any busy times on any calendars being checked for conflict will block that time from being available for booking. 

💡 If you choose to use Custom Availability on a mutual booking page, anywhere the key phrase is found on any calendar will open up availability, even if one of the team members is not available at that time. 

Sharing Zoom links on mutual availability booking pages

On a team account, using the native Zoom integration will mean the Zoom link is generated from the Account Owner's Zoom account. 

If the Account Owner is not being booked on this page, it is recommended to use a static zoom link on mutual availability booking pages.

💡 Using the Google Meet Integration

Using Google Meet, the link will generate from the Google calendar where the booking is created. 

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