Managing Calendar Invitations

With your booker invited as a participant to the booking, the event will be automatically added to their calendar. They will also receive an email invitation to that event from your calendar provider, and a confirmation email from Too much communication? You can manage all of these.

In this article:

Delete confirmation email
Remove your booker as a participant
Turn off invitation responses (Google)

Delete confirmation email

If you want to reduce the amount of communication you send to your booker, you can choose remove the confirmation email to your booker. The booker will only receive the calendar invitation email generated by your calendar provider. 

To do this, navigate to Notifications > Actions on your booking page. In the first section, After new booking made, hover over the Confirmation email to booker and click the trash bin icon to delete. 

Once the confirmation email to booker is deleted, you'll want to make sure that your calendar event email has all of the details on the appointment that your booker will need. Edit the body of the calendar event under Notifications > Calendar Events

💡 Can I format the text in my calendar event?

Formatting like bold or italic text should be avoiding in the calendar event as the formatting will not be converted when the event is added to the calendar. 

In addition, formatted shorthand codes will not be hyperlinked. Instead use the following shorthand codes to display links:

  • {ZOOM-LINK} to display the generated zoom link
  • {GOOGLEMEET-LINK} to display the generated Google Meet link
  • {MSTEAMS-LINK} to display the generated Microsoft Teams link
  • {CANCEL-LINK} to allow the booker to cancel the booking and notify you by email
  • {RESCHEDULE-LINK} to allow the booker to reschedule the booking and notify you by email

You can also set up multiple reminder emails or SMS to send before the booking - they can be sent days, hours or minutes before the start of the event to help reduce no shows. 

Remove booker as a participant on the booking

If you're satisfied with sending the confirmation email and you want to stop the additional calendar invitation emails from sending to your booker, you can turn off the Participants feature. This is done under Notifications > Calendar events

If you are inviting other colleagues to the event, simply remove "all booking form emails" from the participant field to prevent your booker from receiving the calendar invitation email. 

Turning off "Invite participants to your calendar event" will stop the calendar invitation emails from being sent by your calendar provider. 

Turning this feature off also means that the event will not be automatically added to the bookers' calendar. You will need to provide the Add to Calendar buttons in their confirmation email, so the booker can manually add the booking to their own calendar. 

You can edit the calendar event they will manually add to their calendar by clicking Booker Calendar Event in the top right corner under Notifications > Calendar events. Be sure to add all the details they need to see on their calendar. 

Once you've turned off Participants, the notifications sends to your booker becomes even more important. You'll want to make the confirmation email clear that the booker will need to manually add the booking to their calendar using Add to Calendar buttons. 

You can manually add these buttons to your confirmation email with these shorthand codes:


You can add these same buttons on the After Booking confirmation page to encourage the booker to add the event to their calendar.

You can also set up reminder emails before the booking - they can be sent days, hours or minutes before the start of the event to help reduce no shows. 

Turn off invitation responses (Google Calendar)

You may want to turn off invitation responses in your own Google calendar settings. You will still send out the initial invite to your booker, but you won't receive additional emails if a booker accepts the booking onto their calendar. 

In Google calendar settings, select the calendar is adding the bookings to, and beneath that calendar, select  Other Notifications.

For the option Event responses, set this to  None

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