Account email address

This is the email address you use to login to your account. It does not need to be the same email address as your calendar account. 

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Account roles

You are the Account Owner, but there are other roles you can assign to other people in your account: Administrator, Contributor.

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Integrated calendar accounts

This is the Google or Microsoft account that you authorize to access to check for conflicts. You can integrate multiple calendar accounts in a single account.

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Linked calendar

This is the specific calendar in your calendar account that adds events to and checks for conflicts. A single calendar account may contain multiple calendars. Our pricing is based on the number of calendars we are linking to to check for conflicts.

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Besides your calendar accounts, you can integrate other services with, such a Zoom, Gmail, and Zapier.

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Booking page

This is the page you create in to share with your clients. It will block out any conflicts found on your linked calendar, and display only available times for booking. 

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Your availability is determined by a) Your working hours set in and b) and conflicts on your linked calendar. 

Further reading: Set your availability on your booking page


Padding is buffer time added between bookings made through and to existing events on your linked calendar. It helps you from taking back to back meetings. 

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Booking page timezone

Your linked calendar determines the timezone your availability is displayed in.

Further reading: Adjust your booking page timezone

Booker timezone

This is the timezone your bookers see your availability in when they visit your booking page, determined by their IP address. 

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Shorthand codes

These are short codes that reference any data about the booking in your confirmation and reminder emails to yourself and your client.

Further reading: Use shorthand codes to customize communications

Calendar events

New bookings are added to your linked calendar as events - how they appear on your calendar can be completely customized. 

Further reading: Edit the calendar event for you and your booker

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