Free upgraded accounts for schools ends November 2020

In November 2020, our free upgraded accounts for K-12 schools program will end. There will be action you may need to take on your account to continue taking bookings.

In this article:

Upgrade your account
Remove paid features

Upgrade your account

We hope you have found your free access to's paid features valuable as you received bookings from parents, fellow teachers, and students. 

Some of the paid features you may have used over the past months include:

  • Multiple calendars - linking to multiple calendars in your account to check for all conflicts
  • Team booking page - setting up a booking page for all of your colleagues
  • Custom Availability - setting up custom time slots for booking which can easily change from week to week
  • Fixed start and end dates - controlling the dates you offer for booking
  • Flexible booking duration - letting your bookers select how long the meeting will be
  • Padding - adding a buffer before and after a booking
  • Multiple bookings per slot - allowing multiple people to book into the same time slot
  • Appointment types - creating different length appointments on the same booking page
  • Multiple booking pages - creating different booking pages for different grade levels or types of appointments
  • Reminders before the appointment - email reminders that keep your booker engaged and reduce no-shows
  • Custom colors - adjusting the color of your booking page to match your school's branding
  • Zoom integration - generating unique Zoom links for each of your meetings 
  • View & Export booking data - view a list of bookings within and export that data for reporting

To continue using any of these features after November 2020, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account

The pricing is based on how many calendars your booking pages are linked to, $10 per calendar per month. Paid accounts also receive access to our Customer Support team for any questions or issues on your account. 

Before you upgrade, see if your account is qualified for our 30% educators discount. Have that applied by our Support team before upgrading to save even more.

Remove paid features

If upgrading to a paid account isn't feasible for your budget at this time, you can still use on a limited basis on our free plan. To get your account ready to downgrade to the free plan and have your booking page continue to work:

  1. Maintain a single booking page online. You can keep other booking pages, but they must be toggled offline.
  2. Ensure your single booking page is linking to just one calendar. You can deselect additional calendars under Calendar & teams settings. If you have teams toggled on, you'll need to turn this off. 
  3. Check through your booking page settings to remove any feature that has a yellow tag marked "Paid".