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Your bookings dashboard will allow you to mark a client as a no show, and export that data into a csv file. 

NEW: 🎉 If you've setup no show notifications for the booking page, you can trigger these notifications to your booker, and stop any follow up emails from sending. 

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Marking a client a no show
Reporting on no shows

Marking a client a no show

The option to mark a booking as a no show will appear on your bookings dashboard after the appointment has started, and will remain as an option up until 1 week after the booking passes. 

On the booking you want to mark, click the arrow next to Details, and select Mark as no show.

On the pop-up modal, confirm which notifications you want to send to your booker when marking as a no show. 

Keep the box checked to send the notification, uncheck the box to prevent the notification from sending. 

You can also click  Edit on any notification, to customize the content before sending. 

Click  Mark as no show to confirm the actions and send the designated notifications. 

If you've marked a booking a no-show by accident, use the Undo link in the green confirmation pop-up to undo the action. 

Once marked, the booking will carry a blue tag on the dashboard. 

After marking a booking as a no show, Account Owners can still choose to Rebook them for a new appointment, which will carry over all of their original booking form data.

Reporting on no shows

In your data export, you will see a new column titled No Show, and any bookings marked as no show in your bookings dashboard will show TRUE. 

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