Troubleshooting Calendar Managed Availability

Calendar Managed Availability is a powerful feature that gives you total control over your schedule and the times you offer for booking. 

This guide helps resolve over 98% of common issues you might run into while setting up Calendar Managed Availability. Still need help? Use the Contact Support button in your dashboard to contact our Support Team to help resolve your issue.

What should I include in my support request?

 Did I add the Calendar Managed Availability blocks to my linked calendar?

When you activate Calendar Managed Availability, your booking page will temporarily say "No Availability." That is because it is searching for blocks you've added to your linked calendar using your key phrase. 

To complete the setup, start adding blocks to your linked calendar in a separate browser window and then come back to YouCanBookMe and refresh the preview to see the availability populate on your booking page. 


 Does the title of my calendar managed availability block match exactly?

Check that the key phrase you've added to your calendar managed availability block on your linked calendar matches exactly as you've set it in YouCanBookMe. If you've set the key phrase to all capitals in YouCanBookMe and lowercase on your linked calendar, the events won't be picked up by YouCanBookMe 

To reduce the chance of errors, click " Copy" above your key phrase, and then paste it into the event you are creating on your linked calendar. 

💡 Make your key phrase YouCanBookMe specific

If you are using a generic Calendar Managed Availability phrase like Sales or Support, any event set to Free in your calendar with those words may be picked up for availability. It is best to use a distinct key phrase that won't be used in any other events in your calendar. 


 Does the event fall within my set working hours?

Make sure that the events you are adding to your calendar are aligned with the Availability you set under Calendar Managed Availability > Set your working hours. If you have an event at 9am but you set your availability to start at 10am, that time will not show as available for booking.


 Do the events line up with my available start times on my booking page?

The events on your calendar must follow the same time increments as your grid display. For example with a grid display is set to 30 minutes, events need to start at either the top (:00) or bottom (:30) of the hour.

To have more flexibility on the start times, adjust your grid display under Times & Availability > Duration & Display.


 Are my Calendar Managed Availability blocks long enough?

Your calendar events titled with your key phrase need to be at least the length of your booking duration. For example, 30 minute meeting durations need at least a 30 minute availability block on your calendar. 

You can create calendar events longer than your set booking duration - these will be divided into equal increments set by your grid display.


 Is my Calendar Managed Availability phrase too common?

Make sure your key phrase is not a common word or string of letters. YouCanBookMe is looking for that phrase throughout your calendar so it should be something that won't be found in other, unrelated events. 

For example, using Interviews as your phrase, YouCanBookMe will pick up any event set to free on your calendar that contains the word Interviews. Instead try Available for Interviews


 Are there other busy events blocking my availability?

Verify there are no other busy events in your calendar during that time frame that could be blocking the availability. That includes all-day events set to busy, or declined invitations.


 Are the events on the correct calendar?

Ensure that you have added the availability blocks to the same calendar YouCanBookMe is checking for your availability. 

To verify which calendar YouCanBookMe is pointing to, navigate to Calendar & Teams. 

💡 Checking more than one calendar for availability?

When checking more than one calendar for availability, anywhere a key phrase is found across both calendars will be displayed for booking, even if the two key phrase do not overlap.

If you are working on a team booking page, you'll need to click into each team member and check the calendar linked for that team member. 


 Are any of my other booking page settings preventing the time from showing?

There are other booking page settings that may interfere with your Calendar Managed Availability events showing for booking. Check these:

Minimum and Maximum booking notice

Under Times & Availability > Duration & Display, check the minimum and maximum booking notice set for your booking page. A long minimum booking notice will prevent same day slots from showing for booking, while a short maximum booking notice will prevent future times from showing for booking. 


The padding setting on your booking page will ensure you have enough room on your calendar so you're not booked back to back with an existing event. This can reduce the available times for booking if your Calendar Managed Availability event is sitting right next to another event on your calendar. 

Fixed start or end date

Under Times & Availability, ensure that the days you're trying to display are encompassed by any fixed start or end dates you have set on the booking page. 


 Still need help?

If these tips haven't resolved your issue, use the Get Help button in your account to contact our Support Team, they'll be happy to help troubleshoot further. To resolve the problem quickly please provide the following in your support request:

  • A clear screenshot of the custom availability event in your Google or Microsoft calendar that isn't displaying correctly.
  • A full view of your calendar so we can help diagnose any other events that may be blocking the time from showing.
  • Make sure declined invitations are visible on your calendar. 

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