Availability is displaying in a column instead of a grid

On older accounts created before May 2019 you can display more than 1 week at a time on your booking page. This setting is under Times & availability > Duration & display > Show additional display options. 

YouCanBook.me does not support a month-at-a-glace view. You can display up to 10 weeks at a time. 

Selecting more than 1 week at a time will result in your booking page revert to a vertical scroll. 


  • If you are available 7 days a week, you'll find that it splits vertically even with 2 weeks - you'll need to display only 1 week at a time.
  • If you choose to display a month, it will display vertically, not in a calendar style month-view.
  • Change the setting to a smaller number of weeks or days on your settings, it will display as a grid instead of a column.