Connect to team members Zoom accounts

Generate unique Zoom links from your team members personal Zoom accounts on any of your booking pages by turning on the Teams feature.

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Invite team members as contributors
View the Zoom account your team members have integrated
Link to team members calendar & Zoom account
Share team members Zoom link in Calendar Event & Confirmation Emails
Joining the Zoom call

Invite team members as contributors

If you haven't already, invite your team to join your account. As a Contributor, your team can share their calendar where they want to receive bookings, and connect their personal oom account to generate unique video links for each booking. 

Can my team members share a Zoom account?

Each team member should integrate a unique Zoom account. If they do not have an individual Zoom account, they can create a free one

View the Zoom account your team members have integrated

To see which Zoom account your team member has integrated, navigate to your Team Management page. Next to each team member, click the Manage button. You will see the Zoom account that team member has integrated with Zoom. Within your settings, this will be displayed as their account email. 

To link to a team members Zoom account on your booking page, navigate to Calendar & Teams and turn teams On

When creating a booking page for a single team member, you will still need to use the teams feature to generate a link from their personal Zoom account. Check Booker automatically assigned team member under Calendar & teams to bypass the team member selection on the live booking page. 

For each team member on the booking page, add their name, email, select the correct calendar should check for conflicts and where new bookings will be added, and then click Video Conferencing

Video conferencing will take you to the Calendar event, where you will set the Event Location as Zoom. Then, returning back to Calendar & Teams, click on your team member one last time and select their Zoom account from the dropdown. 

Which Zoom account did my team member integrate?

What is listed in the Zoom account dropdown is the account email where their Zoom account is integrated. To see the email address associated with their integrated Zoom account, visit the Team Management page.

Share team members Zoom link in Calendar Event & Emails

Under Notifications > Calendar Events, select Zoom as the event location. This will add the uniquely generated Zoom link to the calendar event on the team members calendar, and on their bookers calendar if Invite participants is toggled on. 

Need to display the Zoom link in the body of the calendar event? Use the shorthand code {ZOOM-LINK} to display the unique zoom link - your calendar event will automatically hyperlink this shorthand code. 

Under Notifications > Actions, add the shorthand code {ZOOM} to any email you want the Zoom link to appear for the booker, including the reminder email before the start of the appointment. 

Joining the Zoom call

To join the Zoom call, each team member will click on the Zoom link in their calendar event. As long as they are logged into their Zoom account, the link will recognize them as the host and redirect to open Zoom. The Zoom link becomes active 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. 

Zoom meetings created by will not appear in the Zoom dashboard. 

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