Connect to team members Zoom accounts

On team accounts, you can generate unique Zoom links from your team members team individual Zoom accounts, whether you're setting up a booking page for your entire team, or for an individual team member. 

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Invite your team to share their Zoom credentials
Link to team members calendar & Zoom account
Set Zoom as the Event Location
Share Zoom link with bookers in the confirmation & reminder emails
Joining the Zoom call

Invite your team to share their Zoom credentials

If you haven't already, you'll want to invite your team to join your account

When they accept the invitation, they'll be prompted to connect the calendar where they want to receive new bookings, and integrate their Zoom account

💡 Can my team members share the same Zoom account?

No, Zoom does not allow the same Zoom account to be integrated in multiple accounts. Each team member should integrate a unique Zoom account. If they do not have an individual Zoom account, they can create a free one

To set Zoom to connect to team members Zoom accounts on any booking page, it is essential to turn Teams On under Calendar & Teams. 

For booking pages for an individual, you will still need to turn on Teams, and then select  Booker automatically assigned team member to bypass the team member selection page. 

For each team member on the booking page, add their name, email, select the correct calendar should check for conflicts from the calendar dropdown, and then click Video Conferencing. 

Add Zoom as the Event Location

To set Zoom as the event location, navigate to  Notifications > Calendar Events

Click Add Event Location, and select Zoom from the dropdown. Click the blue button to save this location in your team members' calendar event. 

Finally, navigate back to  Calendar & Teams and ensure each team member on the booking page is linked to their individual Zoom account.

When new bookings are made this booking page, the unique Zoom link will be added to the calendar event. 

If Invite participant to calendar event is toggled on for your booking page, new bookings will also be added to the bookers' calendar with the same Zoom link in the location field. 

The Zoom link will look like this:

Share Zoom link with bookers in the confirmation & reminder emails

Use the shorthand code {ZOOM} to add the unique Zoom link for your meeting in your confirmation and reminder emails.

In your booking page settings under  Notifications > Actions, you'll find all the emails that will trigger to your client after a booking. 

Edit the Confirmation email to booker and the Reminder email before a booking

Under Email Content, add the shorthand code {ZOOM} to the body of the email, so your client won't have to scramble to find how to join the Zoom meeting. This shorthand code will automatically hyperlink the Zoom link so your client just has to click to join the meeting. 

💡 Need to share the Zoom passcode?

Check your Zoom settings and see if it's necessary to share the Zoom passcode with your clients. 

Joining the Zoom call

To join the Zoom call, each team member will click on the Zoom link in their calendar event. As long as they are logged into their Zoom account, the link will recognize them as the host and redirect to open Zoom. The Zoom link becomes active 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. 

💡 How do I find the Zoom link to join the call?

Zoom meetings created by will not appear in the Zoom dashboard. You can find the link either in your calendar event, or in your reminder email if you've included the {ZOOM} shorthand code there. 

When does my Zoom link become active?

The Zoom link becomes an active link  30 minutes before the start of the meeting. 

Clicking on the link more than 30 minutes before the start of the meeting, you'll see the message "This meeting has not yet started." 

Does my client use the same link as me to join the meeting? 

Yes, both you and your client use the same link to join the Zoom meeting. As long as the team member is logged into the same Zoom account that is integrated with, they will be recognized as the host of the meeting. 

How can I stop my clients from being prompted to enter a passcode to join the meeting?

In your Zoom settings, make sure the option to Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join is toggled on. With this setting turned on, will embed the passcode in the link and your clients will not need to enter any passcode to join. 

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