Delegate access on your account

You can invite additional users to join your account as a Contributor, Editor, or Administrator.

Editors can make changes to booking pages assigned to them, but cannot create new booking pages on your account. 

Administrators can view everything on your account except the billing information. Administrators can view and edit all booking pages, create new booking pages and access related booking data. They can also invite other team members, update team member roles, see other team member integrations, and assign booking pages to Editors.

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Invite users to join your account
Change roles from Contributor
Administrators dashboard view
Cost to add administrators

Invite users to join your account

Invite team members on the Team Management page of your account. Click the Invite team members button to get started.

Start entering the email addresses of the team members you'd like to invite to join your account. This will trigger an email to them. 

Inviting an existing user

If your team member already has a account, the email will come with the subject line "[account email] has requested control over your account." 

When the invitee accepts this invitation, any existing booking pages on their account will be moved into the Account Owners account, and they will temporarily become a Contributor with limited views in their account. The Account Owner will adjust their role to Administrator once the invitation is accepted, to give them full access in the account. 

Inviting a new user

If the person you are inviting does not have an existing account, the email will come with the subject line "You’ve been invited to join" They will need to click  Accept Invitation from the email, and follow the prompts to create a new account. They will need to connect a calendar to their account, event if they are not taking bookings on the account.

Once the invitation is accepted, the Account Owner can adjust their role to Administrator to give them full access in the account. 

Change roles from Contributor

Team members are initially invited as Contributors. Once the team member has accepted the invitation and set up their Contributor account, the Account Owner or Administrator can adjust their role from Contributor to Editor or Administrator on the Team Management settings page of your account. 

Learn more about the different roles here

When adjusting a user role to Editor, click Manage, and then select Booking page access. Here you can designate which booking pages from your account the Editor will have access to. Click Done when all booking pages have been selected. 

The next time they login to their account, they will see your booking pages on their dashboard. 

Administrator dashboard view

Each Administrator has a unique view of all the booking pages on the account. An Administrator may choose to organize booking pages in Folders - those folders will only be visible to themselves, not the Account Owner, or any other Administrator. 

Cost to add administrators

There is no additional fee to add Editors and Administrators to your account. While they will be prompted to connect a calendar account, this will not impact your subscription price until a booking page is linked to one of their calendars to receive bookings.

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