View number of linked calendars on team account

The Team Management page in your Account settings is a central hub for managing your team scheduling. 

There the Account Owner is able to view how many total calendars your account is linking to, and how many integrations each team member is using. 

Navigate to your Team Management page in your Account settings, and click Manage next to a team member. 

Click the Manage button next to a team member's account to view which accounts are integrated, and how many calendars are being linked to from their specific accounts.  Right now that will be a calendar and a Zoom account. We are planning additional team-level integrations in future. 

If your account is linking to more calendars than you're paying for, you can upgrade your account to stay current and avoid disruption, or unlink your team members from booking pages to reduce your costs. 

This section of the knowledge base is all about setting up and managing your team account. Click here to see all the articles.
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