Share team members unique Zoom link

With Team Management, you can generate unique Zoom links for each booking your team member receives, directly from their Zoom account.

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View your team members integrated accounts
Generate Unique Zoom link for team members
Share team member Zoom details with booker

View your team members integrated accounts

When you invite a team member as Contributor, the are prompted to connect both their calendar account and their Zoom account for bookings. On your Team Management page, you can verify your team member has integrated a Zoom account by clicking Manage next to their name. 

Each team member should integrate their own unique Zoom account - Zoom accounts cannot be shared across multiple accounts. 

If you don't see Zoom listed among a team members shared integrations, please contact that team member to have them login to their account and integrate their Zoom account.

Generate Unique Zoom link for team members

On any of your booking pages, navigate to Calendar & Teams and turn teams On to link to a team members Zoom account. Under Calendar & Teams, toggle Teams On.

For each team member you add to the Teams section, enter their name, email address, select the calendar their bookings should go into, and designate the Zoom account that will generate Zoom links for their bookings.

If you are creating a booking page for a single team member, you will still need to turn on Teams to connect to their Zoom account. Check  Assume no preference under Calendar & teams to bypass the team member selection on the live booking page.

Sharing Zoom details with booker

By default, the Zoom link will be added to the calendar event automatically for the team member and booker

The Zoom link will appear in the Location field on the calendar event, and will be connected to the Zoom account of the team member receiving the booking.

Add the Zoom link to the confirmation and reminder emails to the booker
  1. Navigate in your booking page settings to Notifications > Actions
  2. Under the section "After new booking made" edit the Confirmation email to booker
  3. Add the shorthand code {ZOOM} to the body of the email 
  4. Under the section "Reminders before the booking" edit the Reminder email to booker
  5. Add the shorthand code {ZOOM} to the body of the email