account roles offers 4 different user roles: the Account Owner, Administrators, Editors and Contributors.

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User roles defined
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User roles defined

These are the default settings for roles in your account. See Changing a users role for details on adjusting a team members' role.

When inviting a new user to your account, their default role will be Contributor. You can adjust the role as needed after they have accepted the invitation to join your account. 

Account Owner

Each account has one Account Owner. The person who invites their team via the Team Management page becomes the Account Owner by default. 

The Account Owner has access to all the booking pages and booking data in the account. The account owner is responsible for billing, and is the only user that can view and change billing information. The account owner can transfer ownership to someone who doesn't have an existing account by changing the account email address. 

Account Owners can integrate their own calendar accounts to receive bookings, as well as a Zapier, Gmail or Stripe account for all booking pages.

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The Administrator has access to everything but the billing information in the account. An Administrator can view all of the booking pages on the account, create their own folder views, view and export booking data, and create new booking pages. They can also invite other team members, update team member roles, see other team member integrations, and assign booking pages to Editors.


An Editor contributes their calendar and other integrations to the entire team account. In addition, the Editor has limited access to booking pages on the team account, assigned to them by the Account Owner. An Editor can make changes to booking pages that have been assigned to them by the Account Owner or Administrator. The Editor can view and export booking data from booking pages that have been assigned to them.

An Editor cannot delete, copy or create new booking pages. 

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A Contributor only has access to their own integrations. They can view, add, or remove their own calendar accounts integrated with, and add a Zoom account credentials that can be shared with the Account Owner and Administrator. 

The Contributor can view bookings they've received on the calendar account they've shared with the team. 

Change a users role

When inviting a new user to your account, their default role will be Contributor. You can adjust the role as needed after they have accepted the invitation to join your account. If the users status still says Pending, they have not yet accepted the invitation. 

The Account Owner is able to modify any team members role from Contributor to Editor or Administrator. Under Accounts Settings > Team Management, select the correct role for each team member from the dropdown box. 

Assigning booking pages to an Editor

When adjusting a user role to Editor, click Manage, and then select Booking page access. Here you can designate which booking pages from your account the Editor will have access to. Click Done when all booking pages have been selected. 

Add or remove a user

The Account Owner can remove or add users on the Team Management page. Removing a user means you will no longer be able to access their calendar for bookings, or their personal Zoom integrations. Be sure to remove them from any associated team booking pages, or turn their individual booking pages offline. 

Navigate to Account Settings > Team Management. Click Invite team members to add additional users, click the X next to the Manage button for any team member you would like to remove from your account.

Pricing pricing is based solely on the number of calendars that are linked to across all your booking pages. You can invite multiple administrators and contributors without increasing your subscription costs. You'll be prompted to upgrade your account once you're linking to more calendars than your current subscription. 

Price per team member*

Month-to-month 12 month subscription 24 month subscription
$10 per team member
€9 per team member
£7 per team member

* prices above assume each team member is linking to one external calendar for bookings.

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