Start up guide for Teams

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This comprehensive guide provides all the direction needed to setup a account for teams. This guide is designed for the Organization owner (or Account Owner).

Account Basics

Login to your account
Integrate your calendar account & other services
Account menu overview
Managing team members on your account

Setting up booking pages

Booking page overview & tutorial links

Emails & SMS

Notifications overview
Customize communications with bookers
Pass booking data into other systems

Customize the Calendar event

Configure how the booking appears in your team members calendar

Share the booking page

Access & Bookmark your booking page
Embed your booking page in your website

View & Manage Bookings

View, Manage & Export Team Bookings in
Make appointments for your clients

Login to your account

You can login to your account using the single sign-on from your Google or Outlook account, or with the email and password you used when the account was created. 

The Forgot password link will send an email to the account email address used to sign up for the account. If you're not receiving that reset email, please check that you're requesting the reset link to the correct email address.

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Integrate your calendar account & other services

When creating a account, you are prompted to integrate either a Google or Outlook calendar. You can view that calendar on your Integrations page in your Account settings. You can choose to integrate additional calendar accounts by clicking Connect under your desired account.

As the Account Owner for your organization, you can also integrate other services on your Integrations page:


By integrating Gmail, you will send your confirmation emails directly from your Google based email account. Only one Gmail account can be integrated at a time. All booking pages will send notifications from this email address. This is recommended if you have a general company account to send from, such as 


You can connect to thousands of other apps through Zapier. All Zaps created on booking pages will be created through the integrated Zapier account of the Account Owner. 


With a Zoom integration, you can generate unique video meeting links for each of your bookings without other clients gatecrashing your appointments. Each team member you invite can integrate their individual Zoom accounts.


The Account owner can decide to integrate Stripe to take payments for bookings, helping reduce no shows. 

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You can navigate your account in the top right menu. 


You can see the overview of your account, update your account email or password, generate an API key, purchase SMS credits, set data retention limits or delete your account.


View and download invoices, update credit card information or billing address. 


View your own integrated calendar accounts and other services. 

Team Management

Invite colleagues to join your paid account.


Logout of your account. To contact support or view support resources, click the ? on the dashboard. 

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Managing team members on your account

From the Team Management page, you can manage your team's access to Both the Account Owner and any assigned Administrators have the ability to invite new team members, remove team members, and adjust team member roles on the account. 

Inviting existing users

If your team member already has a account, the email will come with the subject line "[account email] has requested control over your account." 

When the team member accepts this invitation, they will no longer be able to access any booking pages on their existing account, and their account will revert from Account Owner to Account Contributor. Any existing booking pages on their account will be automatically moved into the main account. 

You can later adjust their role from Contributor to Editor or Administrator to give them access to their booking pages. 

If your team member has an existing subscription, ask them to cancel their subscription before you can invite them to join your account. 

Inviting new users

If your team member does not have an existing account, the email will come with the subject line "You’ve been invited to join" Each team member will click  Accept Invitation from the email, and follow the prompts to create a Contributor account. 

You can later adjust their role from Contributor to Editor or Administrator to give them access to booking pages in the main account.

Removing team members from your account

To offboard team members from your account, click the x next to their name on the Team Management page. You'll also need to remove them as team members on any booking page they were previously linked.

Adjusting team member roles on your account


The Administrator has access to everything but the billing information in the account. An Administrator can view all of the booking pages on the account, create their own folder views, and create new booking pages. They can also invite other team members, update team member roles, see other team member integrations, and assign booking pages to Editors.


An Editor contributes their calendar and other integrations to the entire team account. In addition, the Editor has limited access to booking pages on the team account, assigned to them by the Account Owner or Administrator. An Editor can make changes to only the booking pages they have access to, and the bookings associated with those pages. 

An Editor cannot delete, copy or create new booking pages. 

Once you make a team member an Editor, click Manage next to their name and select Booking Page access to assign booking pages to them to access. 


A Contributor only has access to their own integrations. They can view, add, or remove their own calendar accounts integrated with, and add a Zoom account credentials that can be shared with the Account Owner and Administrator. 

All team members are initially invited as Contributors. The Account Owner and Administrator are able to modify any team members role from Contributor to Editor or Administrator. On the Team Management page, select the correct role for each team member from the dropdown box. 

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Setting up booking pages

You can create up to 200 different booking pages on your account. Follow these in-depth tutorials to create:

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Emails & SMS Overview

All of the notifications that trigger after a booking are housed under Notifications > Actions. You can edit the standard notifications, or create your own. Paid accounts can have an unlimited number of notifications set up on a booking page. 

Video: Watch this video explainer on notifications workflow.

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Customize communications with bookers

There are endless possibilities on customizing the notifications that send to you, your team members and your booker. 

Send the email from the team member booked

To personalize the booking experience for your clients, consider sending the confirmation email from the team member who receives the booking. 

Tutorial: Sending the emails to the booker from a team member

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Change the look of the confirmation email

You also have the ability to customize the look and feel of the confirmation email. Add your company logo, add in more details about the meeting or video conference links. 

In-depth Tutorials: Customize the confirmation email to booker, Use shorthand codes to customize communications

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Send multiple reminder emails before the booking

Reminders before a booking are a great way to reduce no shows. You can send multiple reminders before the appointment weeks, days or hours before the appointment. 

Tutorial:  Send reminder emails or SMS before the appointment

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Add additional notifications to your booking page

By default on a team booking page, notifications will be sent to the booker and the team member when a booking is made, cancelled or rescheduled. At any point in the workflow, you can add additional notifications to your team member or your booker. Click the trigger where you'd like to add a new notification and then click the + to add a new notification.

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Send SMS to booker

SMS are another way to communicate with your booker. Follow these two steps:

  • Purchase SMS credits on your account
  • Add the question type Phone Number to your booking form questions, checking the box "mobile phone." This field will validate that the number entered is a valid mobile number to receive SMS. 

Once these two steps have been completed, you can add an SMS notification to your booker at any point under Notifications > Actions. 

Need to send SMS to your team members? You can also send an SMS reminder to the team member booked using this workaround.

Video:  Send SMS reminders to your bookers

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Pass booking data to other systems

In the Notifications > Actions section of your booking page, you can also send booking data from into other systems using a webhook, or using Zapier

Read more:  Passing data from to other systems

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Configure how the booking appears in your team members calendar

The calendar event is what we add automatically to your team members' calendar when they receive a new booking. You can customize everything about that event under Notifications > Calendar Events.

Tutorial: Customize the calendar event for the team member and booker

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Access & Bookmark your booking page

Your booking link is the URL you'll share with your clients so they can make bookings with your team. There are several places in your account to access your booking link and make sure it is live to take bookings.

From your Dashboard hover over your booking page and click Copy link

Make sure the booking page is set Online before you start sharing. 

While editing the booking page, hover over the link at the top of the page to copy your link, or click  Live booking page on the left navigation pane. Bookmark the booking page in your browser for easy access. 

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Embed your booking page in your website

For a seamless brand experience, embed your booking page directly into your website, or add a Book Now button to your email signature. 

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View & Manage Bookings

Each team member can cancel and reschedule bookings using the links in the confirmation emails they receive. They can also cancel a booking by deleting it from their calendar, however this will not trigger any emails to the client about the cancellation. 

As the Account Owner or Administrator on the account, you can cancel or reschedule bookings on your Bookings Dashboard. Taking action on a booking through will trigger any notifications you have configured.

  • Rebook - will create a new appointment for your client using the same details, with the same team member.
  • Reschedule - will reschedule the appointment to a new date and time. 
    • If the client booked using "no preference" the rescheduled booking will first check the booked team members availability - if they are no longer available the booking will be reassigned to the first available team member. 
    • If the client booked with a specific team member, the booking will be rescheduled with that same team member. 
  • Cancel - will cancel the existing appointment and notify the booker.
  • Mark as no-show - you can mark a booking as no show after the start of the appointment, up until a week after the booking has ended. 
  • Edit bookers email or phone number - You can edit the email and phone number fields on a booking, as these are necessary for communicating with the booker. If other edits need to be made, you will need to cancel the appointment and ask the client to rebook ( or rebook on their behalf).
Read more: View, manage and export bookings for your team

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Make appointments for your clients

You can make appointments on your clients behalf by:

  • Visiting your booking link and booking a time for them. On the booking form you will fill in their name email and phone number so all relative reminders go directly to them. 
  • Using the rebook feature on your bookings dashboard, you can book a new appointment for an existing client using the information they initially provided during their previous booking. Unless "Booker automatically assigned team member" is activated on your booking page, you can rebook them with any team member on the page.

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