Availability across booking pages

You may create multiple booking pages on your YouCanBook.me account for different types of appointments, resource, locations, or team members. 

You can create up to 100 booking pages at no additional charge, but this setup will impact the availability you offer across booking pages.

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Shared Availability across booking pages
Independent availability across booking pages
Team Bookings

Shared Availability across booking pages

If all of the booking pages on your account are linking to the same external Google or Microsoft calendar, they will have shared availability

That means if you receive a booking on Booking Page A Tuesday at 11am, that time slot will no longer be available for booking across any of your other booking pages.

If you are taking multiple bookings in a timeslot, all booking pages will take away from the total number of bookings. 

Independent Availability across booking pages

If you want your booking pages to be booked independently of each other, you'll need to link each booking page to it's own external Google or Microsoft calendar. 

Note: This will impact your subscription costs as YouCanBook.me pricing is based on the number of linked calendars. 

Within your Integrated calendar account, you can create new calendars to accomplish this.

Create a new calendar in Google

Create a new calendar in Outlook

For each booking page, link it to its own independent calendar. Then when Booking page A receives a booking Tuesday at 11, that time will still be available for booking across your other booking pages. 

Team Bookings

For each team member to receive their own bookings and manage their own schedule, each team member should be linked to their own individual calendar. 

Note: Subscription pricing is based on the number of team members, not the number of booking pages. 

They can share their calendar with you through Team Management, and then you can link to their calendar on the Calendar & teams page. More about team bookings here

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