Set up a booking page for an individual

You can create a booking page on your account for yourself or for any of your team members. This guide will walk you through the essential setup of any booking page.

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Create new booking page on dashboard
Link the booking page to external calendars
Configure Timezone & Language settings
Set availability for the booking page
Additional setup options
FAQ on creating booking pages

Create new booking page on dashboard

From your dashboard, click Create a new booking page. You can also Duplicate an existing booking page from the Edit Settings menu. 

Once the page has been created, click Edit Settings to start editing. 

On the General page, you can:

1 - Upload a logo or headshot to represent this booking page
2 - set the Booking page title to help identify the booking page
3 - customize the booking page link
4 - provide booking instructions for your clients (up to 220 characters)

YouCanBookMe will link to your preferred calendars to check for conflicts. This will also be the same calendar where new bookings are added. To select which calendars a booking page is linked to, navigate to Calendar & Teams. Click Edit to select from among the calendars in the account you've integrated with YouCanBookMe. 

Note: You may have several calendars under a single account, such as a personal and work calendar. can check multiple calendars for mutual availability, but each calendar is counted individually in your subscription costs.

If you don't see the preferred calendar listed, integrate an additional calendar account on your Integrations page, or ask your team member to join your account to share their calendar. 

Setting up an individual booking page on a team account?

Turn on Teams to link to a team members personal Zoom account, or to connect multiple people to the same booking page.

Configure Timezone & Language settings

YouCanBookMe will set the timezone of your booking page based on what we've detected from your linked calendar. This will influence what time bookings appear on your Google or Outlook calendar. 

Under Times & Availability > Language & Timezones, verify that your timezone has been detected correctly. If it is not correct for your location, you can correct this timezone setting in your Google or Outlook account, or you can uncheck Automatically detect time zone from my calendar and manually set the timezone of the booking page. 

Manually setting the timezone of your booking page means all bookings will be made in that set timezone, not the timezone of your calendar. 

Next you will determine how your clients will see your availability. 

  • With Automatically detect booker timezone selected, we will display your availability relative to their location. If you are based in New York and your client opens your booking page in California, your 8am booking time will show to them as 5am. 
  • This auto-detection is based on the IP address of your client's device at the time of booking.
  • Uncheck Automatically detect booker timezone and everyone who opens your booking page will see the times listed in your calendar timezone, no matter where they are located.

You can set the language of your booking page under Language & timezones by unchecking  Automatically detect visitor language. Parts of the app that don't translate, you can edit manually into your target language, such as the booking page introduction, and the labels on the questions on your booking form. 

Further reading: Translating your booking page

Set booking page availability

Each booking page on your account can be configured with different availability, based on your needs. There are two ways to setup availability on your booking page. 

Repeating Availability
This setup is recommended if you have a standard schedule you want to offer from week to week. Any time within these standard hours can be blocked off with a busy event in your linked calendar. 

Under Times & Availability > Availability, select Repeating Availability. Click Edit to set your working hours for each day. will scan your linked calendars between these hours for any conflicts. Any open times on your calendar will be displayed for booking in To block a certain day or time, add a busy event to your linked calendar. 

Calendar Managed Availability
This setup is recommended if you don't work a standard schedule, you want to offer one-off days for booking, you want to limit the times offered for booking, or you have specific start times you want to offer on your booking page.

Under Times & availability > Availability, select Calendar Managed Availability. Click Edit and set the widest range of working hours you might possibly take a booking. Set a keyphrase you will use to identify times you're available for booking.

Note: When you first turn on Calendar Managed Availability, the booking page preview will show "No Availability." It will show this until you've added blocks of time you're available for booking to your linked calendar. Refresh the preview once you've added blocks to your calendar. 

To complete setup, open your linked calendar and create blocks of time when you want to take bookings. Each block of time will be titled with your selected keyphrase, and changed to status of Free (instead of the default Busy). The times where YouCanBookMe finds blocks of time on your calendar that meet the criteria will be displayed for booking. 

Need help? Check out this troubleshooting guide

Additional setup options

Meeting Duration

The default meeting duration on a booking page is 1 hour. Adjust this under Times & Availability > Duration & Display. 

The length of the meetings you can offer will depending on the grid display set on your booking page. For more flexibility, set a smaller grid display.

You can offer a fixed booking duration, where all meetings booked are the same length, or a flexible booking duration, where the client decides how long the meeting they will be based on the team members availability. Alternatively, you can set up Appointment types, which allows you to set fixed meeting lengths for specific services offered. 

If you need different availability for different types of appointments, consider creating separate booking pages, or using the team feature to better manage availability.  

Advanced booking page settings

Other settings on the Duration & Display page include:

Booking form Questions

Add, remove or reorder questions on the booking form your client will fill out before they secure the appointment. You can add unlimited questions to this form.

Emails & SMS

Under Notifications > Actions, you can customize all of the emails and SMS that send to you and your client when a new booking is made. You can change the email address that sends the confirmation email to your client, and edit the content of the email sent. You can also add additional notifications at any point of the booking process. 

FAQ on creating booking pages

How many booking pages can I create on my account?

You can create up to 200 booking pages on your account.

Is there a fee to create additional bookings pages that all link to the same calendar?

No, all booking pages that link to the same calendar can be created at no additional costs.

How do multiple booking pages interact with each other when it comes to bookings?

Booking pages that all link to the same calendar will share availability. If you take a booking on one page, that time will be unavailable across your other pages. 

How can I create a single booking page for my entire team?

Check out our full setup guide for teams. Invite your team members to get started!

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