Delete a booking

There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to delete a booking from your Bookings Dashboard:  

  • it’s a test booking, made while you were setting up
  • It’s an older booking, or one for a different project, that you no longer need to keep information about
  • You want to manually clean up your page for data security purposes (you can also automate data retention).

To delete a booking, search for the users name or email address in the top navigation bar, click  Details on the booking in question, and then click Delete

When deleting the booking data from, you also have the option to also remove the booking from your calendar. Check the box and we will delete the booking data from servers and remove the event from your linked calendar. If you deselect this option, the event will remain on your calendar and may block others from booking that time. 

Either way, no notifications to your booker will trigger when a booking is deleted. 

Check out this article for more on managing the bookings you receive through

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