Integrate your account with Gmail

By default we send out all your notification emails from your account email address. While our notifications maintain a stellar 98% deliverability rate, some private email domains have certain security restrictions that don't allow us to send emails on their behalf, or are more likely to be flagged as spam in the bookers email account. 

That's where integrating your account with Gmail comes in. 

Sending your email directly from your Google based account can improve delivery rates, and reduce the chance of emails being marked as spam. You also have the benefit of finding copies of all of your sent notifications in your Sent Items, so you can quickly locate and forward an email to any client who has lost the meeting details. Any "Out of office" replies or bounce back messages will be delivered straight to you so you will know if a client hasn't received an email for any reason.

You can create a free Google email account, or use any Google Workplace based email to integrate with

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Integrating your Gmail account
Changing the name on the Email
Removing the Gmail Integration

Integrate with Gmail

You can integrate one Gmail account per account, and all booking pages on your account will use this email address to send notifications.

👥 Part of a team account?

The Account Owner can integrate a Gmail account that will apply to the entire organization. All booking pages on the team account will send emails from the single Gmail account.

From the top account menu, select Integrations.

Scroll down to Integrate with additional services. Click Connect next to the Gmail logo.

You will be redirected to your Google accounts page. Select the Google address you'd like to send emails from, or choose "Use another account" to enter your account credentials. 

Click Allow, which will give the permissions to send emails from your account on your behalf. 

You'll see a green pop up confirming that the integration was successful, and the Gmail account will be listed among your account integrations.

Custom "From" Name/Email

The Gmail integration will use the From Name you've set in your notifications. You can edit this name by clicking on underlined name in the Gmail integration message.

Removing the Gmail Integration

If for any reason you want to remove the Gmail integration from your account, this can be done in your Integration settings. Simply click Disconnect next to your integrated Gmail account. 

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