Assign booking pages to an Editor

The Account Owner & Administrators on the account have full control over which booking pages the Editor can access.

As an Editor, the user can make changes to assigned booking page and view associated bookings. The Editor cannot delete or copy the booking page, or create additional booking pages. 

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Adjusting the user role to Editor
Assigning booking pages to the Editor
Editor Account Overview
Removing Editor access from booking pages

Adjusting the user role to Editor

All team members are initially invited as Contributors. 

The Account Owner & Administrators can modify any team members role from Contributor to Editor. Under Accounts Settings > Team Management, select the correct role for each team member from the dropdown box. 

Assigning booking pages to the Editor

The Account Owner & Administrators can decide which booking pages the Editor will have access to. For each Editor, click  Manage, and then select Booking page access. Check the box next to each booking page that Editor should see when they login to their account. Click Done when finished. 

The same booking page can be assigned to multiple Editors, giving multiple team members access to make changes to a single booking page. 

Editor Account Overview

When the Editor logs into their account, they will see their assigned booking pages on their dashboard. They can edit the settings of those assigned booking pages, and view any bookings that have been received by clicking Bookings on their dashboard. 

They can also organize their personal dashboard into folders if they have a large number of booking pages. The folders are unique to each account. 

The Editor can also share additional calendar accounts or modify the existing Zoom account they have integrated with on the Integrations page. These integrations are shared with the entire account. 

Removing access from booking page

The Account Owner & Administrators can remove booking page access from an Editor at any time, on the Team Management page. To remove access, click Manage next to the selected Editor, and then select Booking page Access. Click the X next to the booking page to remove that booking page from the Editors dashboard. They will no longer be able to view or edit that booking page in their account. 

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