Self-guided migration to Team Management

If your account is on the older admin / sub-account model, we will be reaching out to you soon to help migrate your accounts over to the new Team Management model.

To get a jump start and switch your account over now, follow the steps outlined below.

Note: In this migration, only the Account Owner can have integrations to Gmail, Stripe, or Zapier. If your sub-accounts are currently connecting to any of those services, they'll need to remove the integration before proceeding with the steps outlined below.

1. Remove sub-accounts from your User Accounts page

You will temporarily disconnect all of the users from your User Accounts page here, by clicking the x remove next to their account.

2. Re-invite users as Team Members on the Team Management page

Once you have removed all users from your User Accounts page, you'll be able to view the Team Management page in your account dropdown menu, or by clicking here

Click Invite team members to enter the email address of the team members you are adding back to your account. This will trigger an email invitation to each person you invite.

The email will have the subject line "{account email} has requested control over your account." They'll need to open this email and click on the blue button to Accept the invitation. 

Once they accept the invitation, they will become a Contributor on your account. A Contributor can only share their integrations (calendar, Zoom) with the Account Owner, but will see nothing on their dashboard as all of their booking pages will be moved into the Account Owner account. 

If you want them to have access to their own booking pages or other booking pages on the account, continue to step 3. 

3. Adjust the roles for each team member

There are 3 different roles you can assign each team member

  1. Contributor can only share integrations with the main account - they will not have access to a dashboard or any booking pages
  2. Editor can have booking pages assigned to them for access - they will only be able to view assigned booking pages on their dashboard, and the bookings associated with those pages
  3. Administrator can view all booking pages for all team members on the account and will have edit access to all booking pages, including the ability to create new booking pages. They can also invite other team members, update team member roles, see other team member integrations, and assign booking pages to Editors.

Once the team member has accepted your invitation, their role on the Team Management page will change from Pending to Contributor. Select the appropriate role for each team member.

If you assign a team member the Editor role, you'll need to determine which booking pages they can access, by clicking Manage > Booking page access and selecting the booking pages each Editor should have access to.

4. Adjust individual booking pages for Zoom access

Each Contributor/Editor/Administrator is sharing their Zoom integration with the Account Owner when they join your team. This is easy to connect to on multiple team member booking pages.

To make sure their existing booking pages still generate Zoom links from their individual Zoom accounts, you'll need to make sure Teams is activated on the Calendar & teams page of their individual booking page

The booking page will be created with an initial team member - click the pencil to edit this team member. 

  • Ensure the team member is linked to their correct calendar for bookings - this is the calendar will check for conflicts, and where new bookings will be added.
  • Select the team members Zoom account from the dropdown list - this is the Zoom account that will generate unique Zoom links for each of their bookings, and can be referred to in notifications with the shorthand code {ZOOM} or {ZOOM-LINK}.

The last step on the Calendar & Teams page is to check the box "Booker automatically assigned team member." This will allow the booker to skip the team member selection page, and get right to the available booking times. 

5. Check sending email on notifications

You'll want to verify that the sending email address on notifications is configured correctly for the booking pages that have moved into the Account Owner account.

Emails sending to {ACCOUNT-EMAIL} will now send to the Account Owners email. That should be adjusted to send to the shorthand code {TEAM-EMAIL} once Teams has been setup on the individual booking page (see step 4). You can adjust this in the Confirmation email to you by selecting {TEAM-EMAIL} from the dropdown menu.

Follow these directions to adjust the sending email address on notifications. 

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