Integrating Zapier with your account

Zapier is only available on our Paid plan and you'll need to make sure you set-up your own Zapier account in order to integrate with it.

Link to 100's of other services using our Zapier integration. Take a look at the list of services that link to Zapier to get some ideas of how your bookings page can trigger a huge range of automatic activities.

Getting Zapier setup

The easiest way to get things setup is to follow the short video below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner
  2. Then click on integrations
  3. Scroll down to Zapier and click on 'connect'
  4. This will create a unique key to use on your Zapier account
  5. Copy this key and then head over to the Zapier website (Keep this key secret!)
  6. Once you've created a Zapier account, go and create your first Zap and you'll  be asked to enter this key. (You can always find it again by going back to your integrations page.
  7. Perform a test booking to ensure Zapier can connect and see booking activity.

Zapier examples

We currently support 3 triggers and one actions. They are the following:

Trigger: New Booking 

This trigger will fire each time someone makes a booking on the nominated profile. As part of the trigger, our system will send through all the data we have about the booking. This includes all the information gathered on the booking form 

Please refer to this page for shorthand codes that are available for use in Zapier. For custom fields on the booking form, a shorthand code needs to be set so that the data is available in Zapier.  

Trigger: Updated (Cancelled) Booking 

When you - or your customer - clicks on the link to cancel a booking through our system, this trigger will fire. (Note that if you simply delete a booking from the underlying calendar, our system will record it as "cancelled" but this trigger will not fire.) 

Trigger: Booking Rescheduled 

This trigger fires when the person who made the booking has decided to change the time it will start. The data included will be the same as the previous triggers.

Testing your zap batches up zaps (what would trigger that test properly) and only release them every 5 minutes. So, this can result in the test booking not coming in for 5 minutes. Zapier continues looking for the test until it comes through, which seems like long wait time (which resembles a failed test.) Although the test has not failed, Zapier has suggested these 2 workarounds:
  • Wait until immediately before the 5-minute mark to create a test booking, then test the Zap right at that 5-minute mark to try and catch the zap properly.
  • If that doesn't work, click "Skip Test & Continue", which will pull in sample data that you can use to set up the rest of the Zap.

Suggested Zaps

Once you are all set up, you might want to check out this list of possible integrations for ideas on how you can get the most out of Zapier and

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