Allow file uploads with Google Forms

While booking forms do not support attachments or uploading of documents, you can follow this guide to have your clients upload a file to Google Forms after booking. 

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Create a Google Form
Pre-fill your form with shorthand codes
Direct bookers to Google Form
Share form in confirmation emails

Create Google Form

In your Google account, navigate to Google Forms and Create a new form

With this method, your clients will need to sign into Google before they can upload files.
  1. Click Add question and enter your request for information, such as their name and email address (this fields can be auto-populated from the booking form). 
  2. Next to the question, click the Down arrow and select File upload.
  3. If prompted, review the uploading information and click Continue.
  4. (Optional) Do any of the following actions:
    • Specify which file types people can upload. Next to Allow only specific file types, click Turn on and select the types.
    • Change the maximum number of files that people can upload.
    • Change the maximum file size.
    • Set a maximum size for all files collected via the form.

Prefill your form with shorthand codes

You'll want to pre-fill this Google Form with the information your client has provided on the booking form, so all they have to do is upload their file. To do this, you'll use the shorthand codes from the questions on your booking form.

To generate this link in Google Forms, click the vertical ellipses in the upper right corner to reveal the menu.

Click Get pre-filled link.

In a new browser window, you will be prompted to fill out the form. When finished click Get Link so the form will generate a pre-filled link for you. Copy this link. 

The text you'll want to modify is between the “=” and “&” signs. Replace that text with the shorthand codes from your booking form. 

For example, say you want to pre-fill the Google Form with your clients First name, Last name and Email address. You'll take this pre-filled link generated by Google: John&entry.310578751=Doe&

Replace the fields with shorthand codes relating to those questions, so the URL looks like this: {FNAME}&entry.310578751={LNAME}&entry.2026472263={EMAIL}

Direct bookers to your form

You can now use this pre-fill link you've created to redirect your clients to the Google Form and upload their file after booking. 

Option 1: Add URL to After Booking confirmation page

Under Booking form > After Booking, add the pre-filled Google Form link to your message that displays on screen after booking. The client will click this link to be directed to your form and upload their file. 

Use the link symbol in the toolbar to hyperlink your form.

Option 2: Automatically redirect bookers to the Google Form

Under Booking form > After Booking, select Redirect to a specific URL

Enter the pre-filled Google Form link. 

This will pull in all of the information they entered on the booking form. Once they click Confirm Booking on the booking form, they'll be automatically brought to your Google form to upload the desired file. 

Share form in confirmation emails

You can also include a link to your pre-filled Google form in the confirmation emails. This will still pull in the information they've added in the booking form, so all they have to do is upload the file. 

Use the link symbol in the toolbar to hyperlink your form.

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