Quick Look: General Settings

Quick Look: General Settings

Booking page title

This identifies what your client is booking. It is helpful to set a unique title for each booking page you create.

Booking page link

This is URL you share with clients for booking. It will always end in .youcanbook.me, but you control the subdomain. It must be at least 3 letters, and only contain dashes, no other characters. 

💡 Embed your booking page in your own website for a more custom link.

Upload a square logo or headshot. For best results the image should be 600 x 600 pixels. You can use an online image resizer before uploading it to your booking page. 

Booking page Intro

This booking page intro is a brief introduction to your client. It can take up to 220 characters, and can be formatted using the toolbar. If you need more text, consider embedding your booking page in your own website. 

Password protect booking page

To restrict who can book with you, turn on and set a password. Your client will need to enter this password each time to access your availability. 

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