Quick Look: Calendar & Teams

Quick Look: Calendar & Teams settings

Linked Calendar

This is the calendar YouCanBook.me is checking for conflicts. Any busy event on this calendar will block that time from being booked on any booking pages linked to that calendar. 

💡 Manage your availability by adding busy events to that linked calendar.

Click Edit to check the calendars in your account you'd like YouCanBook.me to check for conflicts. You can check multiple calendars if your schedule is spread across multiple calendars (personal, work) or if more than one person needs to be present for the meeting, but keep in mind this will impact your subscription pricing.

If you don't see the calendar you want to check for conflicts, click Connect another calendar account and you'll be prompted to connect that calendar on your Integrations page


Create a booking page for your team by toggling Teams on. This will allow you to connect multiple people's calendars to the same booking page. They will each receive bookings straight into their calendar, based on their own individual availability. 

When prompted, click Add team member notifications to send emails to each team member about their bookings.

Edit the first team member to ensure they are connect to the correct calendar. Then click Add team member to continue adding people to your booking page. Enter their name, their email where they want to be notified about bookings, and the calendar new bookings should be added to. 

If you don't see their calendar in the dropdown menu, click Invite team members to invite them to join your YouCanBook.me account and share their calendar with you.

💡You can also upload a team member headshot and connect to their Zoom account
Team page configuration

Include no preference adds a link to the team selection page that allows the client to view the combined availability of all team members, allowing them to book the first available slot. Bookings are assigned at random based on team member availability. If all team members are available, each one can receive a booking in that time slot. 

Assume no preference skips the team member selection view and goes straight to the combined view of available times. 

Team page intro is the introductory text that displays on your booking page when first visited, as long as "assume no preference" is not selected. This intro can contain up to 220 characters, and can be formatted with the toolbar. 

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