Quick Look: Availability

Quick Look: Availability

Repeating Availability

This setting will set a standard weekly schedule for your bookings. The hours indicated are the hours you are available for bookings. YCBM will scan your linked calendar and present any time between these hours for booking where you don’t already have something scheduled. 

This is a good solution for anyone who works a standard schedule and wants to fill their free time with bookings from clients. 

Click Edit to adjust your start and end times for each day. You won't be able to take any bookings beyond your end time each day. For example if you set 8:00am-5:00pm, the last booking will be around 4:00.

💡To block out time on the booking page, add a new busy event to your linked calendar. 

You can add a break time - it will be applied to every day on your booking page, and the times between your break will be completely removed from the booking page (not greyed out). 

💡To add additional breaks, add busy events to your linked calendar.
Fixed start date

Set a fixed start date to start taking bookings at a future date.

Fixed End date

Set a fixed end date to stop taking bookings after a certain date.

You can use just a fixed start date, or just a fixed end date, or both together if you are taking bookings for a short-term event. 

Custom Availability

If you want more control over the times available for booking on your booking page, use Custom Availability. This is a better option if you have a schedule that changes from week to week, you have specific start times you want to offer, or you want to limit your availability for bookings. 

This video guide will help you set it up.

You can also follow this written guide

See the entire library of Quick look videos here.

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