Quick Look: Duration & Display

Quick Settings: Duration & Display

Grid Display

The grid display determines what booking times are available on your booking page. It takes the working hours you set under Availability and breaks it into equal increments of time. The default is 1 hour, but it can be as small as 10 minutes and as big as 24 hours. 

💡 Determine your grid display before adjusting any other settings in this section. 
Booking Duration

The booking duration is the length of your appointments. You can set a fixed duration for all bookings on this page, or you can set a flexible duration where your client selects how much time they will need from you. The possible length of your meetings is influenced by the grid display you've set.

Another alternative is to use Appointment Types, which are fixed durations of various types of service you offer. 


Padding can be added between bookings so you’re not booked back to back. This setting is again influenced by your grid display. To achieve padding smaller than your booking duration, set a smaller grid display.

💡 If you add 15 minutes of padding on your 15 minute bookings, every booking will take up 45 minutes on your calendar (15 minutes before, 15 minutes of meeting time, 15 minutes after the meeting). 
Multiple bookings per slot

You can allow for group bookings by using units per slot. You can take up to 50 bookings in a single time slot. If you set this greater than 1, it will add a question to your booking form where your client can select how many slots they want to book - remove this question if each booker should only take one available slot. 

Taking more than one booking in a timeslot will affect the way YouCanBook.me sees busy events on your calendar, as they are only taking one of your available slots. Read more on how to fully block out time so you're not double booked.

💡 Use a static video conference link when taking multiple bookings per time slot - our integration will generate unique links for everyone booked. 
Minimum booking notice

This setting prevents people from booking too close to the start of the meeting. It will grey out any time on your page within this notice. 

Maximum booking notice

This setting prevents people from booking too far out into the future. It will prevent available booking times from being displayed outside this notice. 

Week Starts

This setting determines where on your booking page availability starts. If you set Week starts to Monday, as the week progresses, less availability will display. If you set this to Today, the booking page will always start with future availability. 

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