Quick Look: Calendar Managed Availability

Quick Look: Calendar Managed Availability

This setting gives you more control over your availability, managing your schedule without logging into YouCanBookMe to adjust availability.

Set your working hours

Under Times & availability, select Calendar Managed Availability. Set your widest range of working hours each day. This is any day or time you might possible offer a slot for booking. If you work one Saturday a month, make sure to check Saturday. Work late sometimes? Extend your working hours. 

Set a unique key phrase

Set a key phrase to identify what you're taking bookings for. You will use this phrase on your linked calendar to identify availability in YouCanBookMe.

💡  If you have multiple booking pages for different types of bookings, each page can carry its unique Calendar Managed Availability key phrase. 
Add availability to your linked calendar

In a separate browser tab, open your linked calendar. Add blocks of time to your calendar when you want to be available for booking. For each block you add set the title of the event as your keyphrase. Set the duration of your availability. If you are available the same time each week, make the event repeating. Set the event to Free so YouCanBookMe can pick it up and show it as available on your booking page. 

Come back into YouCanBookMe and refresh the browser - your availability will populate. 

Working with the grid display

If you find not all of the blocks on your calendar are displaying correctly, check your grid display. This setting takes the working hours you set under Availability and breaks it into equal increments of time. If you have a 1 hour grid display and working hours of 8am-5pm, only events at the top of the hour on your calendar will show for booking: 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, etc. 

For more flexibility on start times, set a smaller grid display, and then set your booking duration.

💡   See more on Duration & display settings in this quick look video
Managing your availability

Calendar managed availability puts you in control. 

Need to take a day off? Just delete the block from your linked calendar. 

Need to add a one-off day of availability? Just add it on your calendar between your working hours set in YouCanBookMe, and that open time will populate. Just make sure to set it to free!

See the entire library of Quick look videos here.

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