Integrate Stripe to take payments for your bookings integrates with payment processor Stripe to securely take credit and debit card payments for your bookings. 

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Turn on Payments on your booking page
Set price for your bookings
How payments appear in Stripe

Integrate Stripe with your account

In the drop down menu next to your email address on your dashboard, select Integrations (or click here)

Scroll down to integrate with additional services and click Connect under Stripe. 

If you already have a Stripe account, click "Sign In" in the top right of the screen. If you are new to Stripe, you'll need to create a new account and then click the button to authorize to access your newly created account. 

Configure your payment settings in your page

From your Dashboard, click Edit Settings on your booking page.

On the left settings navigation menu, select Booking Form > Payments

Toggle Payments to On and set the currency for your bookings. Check the box to Take payments for your bookings via Stripe.

In the Stripe Description box, these is the information you will on your Stripe statement. The information in curly brackets are shorthand codes pulled from your booker. Customize this description to add details about the appointment booked. 

Set prices for your bookings 

You can set prices for your bookings based on how many slots a booking takes, or by Appointment Type.

Price per slot

When you set a price per slot, the system will calculate the number of slots taken by your client. 

  • If you have a grid display of 1 hour, and a 1 hour appointment, the booking only takes 1 slot, so the price is not multiplied.
  • If you have a grid display of 15 minutes and a booking duration of 60 minutes, that would be 4 slots taken, so the price will be multiplied by 4. 

Price by Appointment Type

You can set a fixed price for each service you offer by setting the price directly on the Appointment Type you setup under Times & availability > Appointment Types.

When your customers book a timeslot with you, they will need to complete the secure payment form provided by stripe to confirm the booking. Only valid credit and debit cards are accepted. 

How payments appear in Stripe

On your Stripe Dashboard, the details of the booking from your shorthand codes will display.

Click the three vertical dots to see more details about this booking, refund the payment or to send your booker a receipt. 


Is there a minimum I can charge my bookers?

  • Stripe does set a minimum charge for each transaction. It varies by country - see more here.

What if my booker enters an incorrect card number, or their card has expired?

  • If there is an error with the card, your booker will see a message directly from Stripe about what might be wrong and how they can fix it. 

If I'm using Tentative Bookings, will my client be charged before I accept a booking?

  • The fee will be charged when they request the booking. If you decide not to accept the appointment, you'll need to manually refund the fee collected in your Stripe dashboard.

Will the payment generate a receipt to my booker?

  • You can generate a receipt for any payment by clicking on the details of your payment, scrolling down and clicking send receipt. It will send to the email address the booker entered on your booking form.
  • Get in touch with the support team to ask about automatically generating Stripe receipts.

Are there fees for using the Stripe integration?

  • Stripe does charge for taking payments, but they have a very competitive and simple charging mechanism. See Stripe's pricing page here for full details.
  • In addition, takes a 1% commission for each payment you take.

How are refunds handled? If someone cancels their booking, are they automatically refunded?

  • If someone cancels a booking they have paid for through, any refunds would need to be done through your Stripe account dashboard. You can read more about how to do that on this page.
  • While Stripe will automatically refund all (or some) of their transaction fees, unfortunately their system is currently unable to automatically refund's 1% commission charge. In the future, we hope this will change, but at the moment this commission charge is therefore non-refundable.

Can I use a test credit card number to test my Stripe Integration?

  • Unfortunately we don't support a sandbox testing environment, so there isn't a way to test Stripe, besides using your own payment card, and then refunding it via your Stripe dashboard.

What if Stripe isn't available in my country?

  • Stripe is working hard to roll out across the world, but it's not quite there yet. It is currently available for customers in these countries.

How do I charge sales taxes on my bookings?

  • When making charge requests, Stripe does not calculate any tax information for you. The amount you specify in the Booking Form > Payments must be the total amount to charge the customer, inclusive of any fees or taxes that they should be charged.

Can I offer a discount or voucher codes?

  • At the moment it's not possible to take part payment and then charge a card later. You would need to set the full price in to be the deposit amount, and then you would manually charge the customer at the later point.  We don't have any plans currently to support vouchers or coupon codes.

What if I haven't received payment?

  • Stripe collects the money and handles the financial aspect of the booking. You can keep track of payments and refunds by logging into your Stripe dashboard
  • It may take up to 7 days for the first transfer to occur direct into your bank account.

Can I integrate more than one Stripe account with

  • At the moment you can only add one Stripe account although this is something we are looking at as a possible area to develop.