Quick Look: Language & Timezones

Quick Look: Language & Timezones

Booking page timezone

This is the timezone we are detecting from your linked calendar. All bookings will be added to your calendar in this timezone. If you travel and update your calendar to a new timezone, your booking page will update as well.

If for some reason this is not being detected correctly, edit the timezone on your linked calendar, or uncheck the automatic detection and manually set the timezone. 

Timezone display

This is what your client will see when visiting your booking page, and also how your preview page displays when you're making edits to your booking page. 

With Automatically detect booker timezone checked, we detect the IP address of the device they are using to view your booking page. If they are detected in a timezone different than you, your availability will be shifted in their timezone. 

When your client books a time, all of the notification and reminder emails reflect the timezone detected at the time of booking.

💡Add the shorthand code {TIMEZONE-BOOKER} to the Booking page intro if you want your client to check their timezone before booking. 

If you anticipate all of your clients will be in the same timezone as you, you can uncheck this box. Then everyone will view availability in the timezone we are detecting from your linked calendar. For international clients we definitely recommend keeping this checked. 

Language & Date format

We will automatically detect the language from your clients browser settings, but this will only affect static text like the month, days and date format. 

To translate your booking page, uncheck automatically detect visitor language and select the language from the dropdown. You can then edit all of the freeform text such as the booking page intro, the booking page questions, the after booking message and your confirmation emails. 

💡Read more on translating your booking page, and the cancel/reschedule links and Add to calendar buttons in your emails.

Want to keep your booking page in English but set a 24 hour clock? Select English (United Kingdom). 

See the entire library of Quick look videos here.

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