Quick Look: Booking form Questions

Quick Look: Booking form Questions

The booking form is displayed after your booker has selected a time to meet with you. This is your opportunity to collect all the information you need from them before you meet. 

The booking form is not conditional, so if you need different types of questions for different types of appointments, consider creating separate booking pages for each appointment. 

Standard Questions

Each booking page is created with 3 standard questions, First Name, Last Name and Email. You can edit these questions to change the label or shorthand code, or delete them. 

If you are using Teams or Appointment Types, these fields along with their description will also be added to the booking form. You can edit the labels or delete these fields as needed.

💡 If you are taking multiple bookings per time slot, a question "how many do you need" will be added to the booking page. You can edit the label to make it more clear they can book more than one slot, or you can remove the question to just allow each booker to take one of your open slots. 
Adding Questions

Paid users can add unlimited questions to the booking form. There are several types of questions you can add, including:

  • Short answer - for short text entries
  • Long answer - for more freeform text, like Notes
  • Email address - an additional validated email field so bookers can invite additional people to the meeting
  • Phone number - a validated field to allow bookers to enter a number for optional SMS reminders
  • Checkbox - allows you to have your booker agree to a condition before booking
  • Multiple choice - to give your bookers a structured choice - they can choose just one option with radio buttons and drop down, or choose multiple options with checkboxes
  • Passthrough & Hidden questions are used to bring in information about the booker through the booking URL. 

There are other fields you can add to the booking form to provide information to the booker, including:

  • Block of text - to provide information to the booker they should read on the booking form
  • Start time - to reiterate the start time of the booking (this is also included by default at the top of the booking form
  • End time - to reiterate the end time of the booking (this is also included by default at the top of the booking form
  • Duration - the length of the booking; if you're using Flexible booking durations this field will be added by default
  • Diving line - to organize your questions or add a break between sections
  • Price - to display the price of your appointments. This field is added by default with Payments activated on your booking page. 
Label & Shorthand code

Once you've added a new question to the booking form, modify the label so it is easily identifiable on your booking page.

Then set a shorthand code. A shorthand code is a variable that will pull in your bookers answer or selection, allowing you to customize your communications with them after booking. 

Mark as required

You have the option to set each question as required. Any required questions must be answered before the booking is completed.

After booking

On the after booking page, you can decide either to display a static confirmation message that will display on screen (and customize it with your shorthand codes) or redirect your booker to another URL - your website, or a video landing page, whatever you'd like. 

See the entire library of Quick look videos here.

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