Quick Look: Taking payments for bookings

Quick Look: Taking payments for bookings

YouCanBook.me only integrates with Stripe to process payments before bookings are confirmed. 

You can use a URL redirect to take your bookers to other payment platforms, but these payments are not tied to the booking process. 

Integrate Stripe with YouCanBook.me

On your Integrations page, click Connect under Stripe to integrate your existing Stripe account. If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one in a separate browser tab, or you'll be prompted to create on in the integration process. 

Account Owners on team accounts can integrate a single Stripe account for all team members. 

Activate payments on your booking page

On any of your booking pages, navigate to Booking form > Payments and toggle payments on.

You can set prices for payments in two ways:

Per Slot: This pricing is tied to your grid display and booking duration

  • If your grid display and booking duration are equal (for example, 1 hour grid display, 1 hour bookings), the price per slot will be the total price per booking. 
  • If your grid display and booking duration are not equal (for example, 15 minute grid display, 45 minute booking), the price per slot will be multiplied by the number of slots each booking takes. 

Per appointment type: The price is tied to the appointment type, not the duration of the appointment. Each appointment can have a different duration and different price. 

💡You can set an appointment with a 0 value if it is a free appointment - bookers selecting that appointment will bypass the Stripe payment modal. 
Configure payment setup

Under Booking form > Payments, ensure "Take payments for bookings via Stripe" is checked so the Stripe payment modal will appear on your booking page. 

The Stripe description is how each payment will appear on your Stripe dashboard. Use shorthand codes to pull in details about each booking into the description. 

Handling Payments

As the payment processor, all details regarding payments are handled directly through Stripe, . From your Stripe dashboard payments can be refunded if a booker cancels, or invoices can be generated and emailed to the client. 

See the entire library of Quick look videos here.

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