Quick Look: Notifications

Quick Look: Notifications

Here’s a quick look at YouCanBook.me’s powerful notifications workflow. It automates all of your communication with your bookers, giving them the autonomy to cancel and reschedule meetings without contacting you.


There are 5 separate triggers that can send emails, based on actions that can be taken with a booking.

When a booking is made - this is the confirmation email that sends to you (or the team member receiving the booking) and the booker at the time of booking.

If a booking is rescheduled - there are two separate triggers, based on who initiates the reschedule, different emails will send.

If a booking is cancelled - there are two separate triggers, based on who initiates the cancellation, different emails will send.

Reminders before the booking - emails and SMS can be send to you, the team member and the booker before the start of the meeting. Don't forget to include details of how you'll meet!

Follow up emails - these can be sent after the meeting ends, to say thank you or request feedback.

At the confirmation, your booker will receive two emails, one from YouCanBook.me and one from your calendar provider who is adding the event to their calendar. You can control which emails send by following this guide.
Adding additional notifications

Under any of these sections you can add additional emails, SMS or setup outgoing webhooks to send your booking data to other systems, like your CRM or email marketing system. 

You can also integrate with Zapier to automate the process - these Zaps are setup directly in your Zapier account. 

Customizing the email template

Click on any of the emails to customize it. The body of the email is a standard template, but this is where you really get a chance to customize. 

The emails to your booker can sent from any verified email address on your account, including the team member who received the booking. Add additional sending emails by following the verification process

Make sure the email subject line stands out to your booker. Use the toolbar to make text bold, italic, insert images, hyperlinks or shorthand codes to pull in your bookers details. 

Setting Cancellation & Reschedule Limits

You can set limits on how soon before the start of the meeting a booker can cancel or reschedule. Customize the message they see if they reschedule within the appropriate window, or it's too late to change the appointment. 

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