Quick Look: Tentative Bookings

Quick Look: Tentative Bookings

Tentative bookings gives you control of who you ultimately meet with. Bookings are undecided in your calendar until you approve or decline them. 

Turning Tentative Bookings On

Tentative Bookings can be turned on for any of your booking pages. 

Navigate to Notifications > Actions > After new booking page. Toggle Tentative Bookings On. 

With Tentative Bookings turned on, you will need to approve every booking made on this booking page before any additional emails are sent to the booker. On the booking form, the button will say "Request Booking" instead of Confirm Booking.

💡 Depending on your use case, you can create additional booking pages - one page where bookings are automatically confirmed, another where bookings have to be approved.
Adjust the After Booking message

Under Booking form > After booking, you'll want to adjust the static message that displays on screen after booking, letting your client know the booking is not yet confirmed.

Delete or edit the confirmation email

Under Notifications > Actions > After new booking made, there is a confirmation email that sends to booker before the booking is confirmed. You can choose to delete that confirmation email so the client won't receive any email communication until the booking has been accepted or declined. Or you can edit the content of that email to indicate the booking is not yet confirmed. 

Edit the Accept / Reject Emails

Under Notifications > Actions > Tentative bookings > If booking accepted, edit the content of this email to provide the confirmation to the client as well as any details on how you'll meet. You can also add in the Add to Calendar buttons in this email so your client can manually add the event on their calendar. 

Turn off Invite Participants

To prevent your client from receiving the calendar invitation email generated by your calendar provider before you've confirmed the booking, navigate to Notifications > Calendar Events and turn Invite participants to event off. Then click Booker calendar event and customize the calendar event your booker will add to their calendar using the Add to Calendar buttons you added to the Acceptance email. 

💡 This booker calendar event is not connected to the event on your calendar - if you cancel or reschedule the booking, the event will update on your calendar but not on your clients. They'll need to re-add the new calendar event after the booking has been modified. 

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