Transferring account to another user

Follow this guide to hand over control of your account to someone else in your organization.

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Transferring ownership to someone without a account
Transferring ownership to someone with an existing account

Transferring ownership to someone without a account

Transferring your account to someone without a account is easy as changing the email address on the account. 

Under your account email on the dashboard, select Account

Set a temporary password

Click Password & Security and set a temporary password on your account. You'll share this password with the new account owner. 

If Two factor authentication is enabled, make sure to turn this off before proceeding. 

Update account email

Click Update account email. Enter the new email address for this account twice and check the box "I confirm I'm happy to give control of my account to the email provided."

Changing the account email will not change any of the booking page settings, or remove your existing calendar from being integrated with 

This process will trigger an "Verify your email address" email to the new account owner, who just needs to click the button in the email and ownership will be transferred. They will then login to the account using their email and the temporary password you've set. 

The new account owner can also use the Sign-in with Google or Sign-in with Microsoft option. 

Once the new Account owner has logged in they can:

Transferring ownership to someone with an existing account

An email address can only be connected to a single account. To transfer your account to someone with an existing account, they will need to first free up their email address. They can do this in two ways:

1. They can delete their existing account

2. They can change the email address on their existing account to a different email address

Once their email address is no longer associated with a account, you can follow the steps above in transferring the account to their email. 

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