Rebook a client

The rebook button allows you to quickly and easily make an additional appointment for your customers, without filling in the booking form every time. For your own security and that of your clients, you must be logged into your account to rebook a client and access the booking data.

How to rebook a client

A good use case would be if someone has come in for an appointment. At the end of the session, the person is still in your office and you say "I'll need to see you again in 2 weeks. Shall we book the appointment now?"

Head to your Bookings page and click on the Rebook button next to the appointment that has just happened.

You'll have the option of booking onto a different booking page (if you have more than one). Then you're taken straight to that booking page to select a time for the new appointment. The booking form is already populated with your client's information. They'll receive a confirmation email for their next appointment, and a new event will appear on your bookings page and in your calendar.