How to give pre-approval and integrate Zoom integrates directly with your Zoom account to generate unique Zoom links for every booking your receive. Follow this guide to resolve the error you may see when pre-approval needs to be granted before you can integrate your account. 

Issue when integrating Zoom with

When attempting to integrate Zoom with, you may see a warning: 

Unable to install this app because it needs pre-approval by your account admin. Please contact your account admin for more details.

The account admin in this warning is referring to your Zoom account administrator.  If you have an independent Zoom account, you are your own account admin. 

How to give pre-approval to install Zoom

You or your Zoom account admin will need to grant pre-approval through the Zoom Marketplace. 

Open the Zoom Marketplace in a new browser tab. In the search a published app box, enter

In the section where it says Install permissions, toggle on to Approve Install of this app

If you are part of a company Zoom account,  you will see a  Request pre-approve option instead. That means that your Zoom account owner or admin needs to approve the app before it can be installed. Click Request pre-approve to send a request to your owner/admin. Your admin will receive an email from with further details.

Once approval has been granted by yourself or your Zoom account admin, you can return to your integrations page and complete the integration process with Zoom. 

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