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Invite your team
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Invite your team

1. Head to the Team Management menu:

From the Dashboard icon in the top right > Team Management:

2. Click Invite Team Members
3. Add your Team Members emails and separate by a comma (,,

Please note that anyone on an active subscription will need to cancel their subscription before being invited. Once the team is invited they will be sent an email to setup their account, which will then be connected to yours.

4. Choose which role your Team Members will be setup as when they join your account..
5. Repeat the process for other roles.

Role Explanation


is the lowest level of access. When they login to YCBM,, they will see what accounts they are sharing with you (Google, Microsoft, Zoom, etc) but won't have access to any booking pages. This role is recommended when a Team Member just wants to receive bookings, but doesn't need to be involved in the setup process.  They will be able to see their bookings and cancel or reschedule them.

  • Shares calendars, and integrations with your organization
  • Can only see bookings they are connected with
Editor is the next level of access. You can assign booking pages to them (by clicking Manage > Booking page access) and those booking pages will appear in their account when they login to YCBM. They will also see booking data related to those booking pages. They cannot delete any pages or create booking pages outside of what has been assigned to them.
  • Can edit and change booking pages assigned to them.
  • Will see all bookings from those pages and their own bookings
Administrator has access to all booking pages and data on your account, except the Billing information. Administrators can also invite new team members to join the account, remove team members from the account, and assign roles. They can create new booking pages for anyone on the team.
  • Can invite others to the organization.
  • Cannot change subscription  or billing information

Account Owner - this is is the main login for the account.. You have the same access as the Administrators, but can also view Billing information on the account, download past invoices, change the credit card on file,, and purchase SMS credits. 

  • Can invite others to the organization.
  • Has access to subscription. 

You can modify access for anyone at anytime through the Team Management menu. 

View shared integrations

To see what accounts a team member is sharing with you, click Manage. You will see their Google or Microsoft calendar, and any additional accounts (Zoom, etc). To connect to a team members Zoom account, you need to ensure they have shared their Zoom integration with you. 

To generate Google Meet links, a separate integration is not necessary - just ensure the team member is sharing a Google calendar with you. 

Create booking pages

Now that your Team Members have joined your account and shared their integrations, you can begin building out booking pages to fit their needs. 

Create a team booking page - using our Teams feature, you can connect multiple people's calendar to the same booking link. Each team member will receive bookings straight to their calendar, based on their individual availability. 

Create a booking page for an individual - setup a customized booking page for an individual on your team. 

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