Generate unique Teams links for bookings

You can generate a unique Microsoft Teams link for all of your bookings made on if you are connected to a Microsoft 365 calendar. 

Follow this guide to makes sure you're linked to the correct version of your Microsoft calendar, and then learn how to add Microsoft Teams to your calendar event and your confirmation & reminder emails. 

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Upgrade your Microsoft Integration
Set Teams as the Location on your calendar event
Share Teams link in confirmation & reminder emails
Joining the Teams meeting
Microsoft Teams for group bookings

Upgrade your Microsoft Integration

YouCanBookMe accounts created before March 2022 will need to make sure they update their Microsoft calendar integration. 

On your integrations page, if you see Update available underneath your Microsoft calendar integration, click Update now and follow the steps to upgrade your Microsoft account.

Set Microsoft Teams as the Event Location

Once you've upgraded your Microsoft calendar integration, Microsoft Teams can be set as the event location on any of the booking pages on the account. This setting is done on a page by page basis. This will add the unique Microsoft Teams link to the location field of the calendar event when you receive a new booking.

Navigate to Notifications > Calendar Events.

Click on Add event location, and select  Microsoft Teams from the dropdown list. 

If Invite participant to calendar event is toggled on for your booking page, the same calendar event will be added to your bookers calendar, along with the Microsoft Teams link in the location field. 

To add the Teams link to the body of your calendar event in addition to the location field, use the shorthand code {MSTEAMS-LINK}.

💡 Don't see Microsoft Teams in the event location?

You will only see the option to connect to Microsoft Teams if your booking page is linked to a Microsoft calendar. 

Share Teams link in confirmation & reminder emails

Use the shorthand code {MSTEAMS} to add the unique Teams link to your confirmation and reminder emails. Be sure to include this shorthand code in your reminder emails so your client can easily access the meeting link. 

Joining the Teams meeting

Setting MS Teams as the event location will add a link to your calendar event that looks like this:

The unique MS Teams  link will become active  30 minutes before the start of the meeting. 

To start the meeting, simply click on the link and it will open a new MS Teams session.

Microsoft Teams for group bookings

If you are taking group bookings on your booking page, MS Teams will generate a unique link for each separate booking. This means although multiple people have booked the same time, they will end up in different MS Teams rooms.

It is recommended to share a static link in the location field of your calendar event for group bookings, ensuring that everyone enters the same room at the same time for your group call.

Teams links opening in Skype?

If your MS Teams link is opening in Skype or Skype for Business, you'll need to upgrade your Microsoft account

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