Integrate your Zoom account

Whether you're on an individual account or part of a team, you can integrate your Zoom account with to generate unique video conference links. 

From the Integrations section of your Account settings, scroll down to Integrate with additional services and select Zoom. 

If not already logged into your Zoom account, Zoom will prompt you to login to your account, and then ask you to authorize the integration. 

Is a paid Zoom account required to integrate with

No, you can integrate a free Zoom account with as well. Video meetings will be limited to the free 40-minute duration. 

How is my Zoom account data protected?

Data about your Zoom account is encrypted at rest

Who has to grant Zoom pre-approval?

Depending on your Zoom account security settings, you may be asked to give pre-approval. If you are your own Zoom admin, you can grant the pre-approval and then authorize the integration. 

If you are not able to grant pre-approval, you'll need to contact the administrator of your Zoom account to approve our third-party access before you can continue with the integration.

⏭  What's next?

Once you've integrated Zoom, you can add Zoom as the event location for your meetings. 

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