View and export your booking activity

Paid accounts can access a list of all bookings on the account, or by booking page, view and download them to a spreadsheet.  

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View your bookings 
Export your bookings

View your bookings

You can access your booking data from anywhere within your account. 

  • Click Bookings on your top menu bar on your Dashboard. 
  • To view bookings for just 1 booking page, select the bookings button for that specific booking page on your account dashboard.
  • Search for a specific booking using the spyglass in the top menu bar, and search by booker name, email or booking REF.

Your Bookings dashboard will provide a a rolling view of all the upcoming bookings on your account.  From here you can move to previous days or ahead to future ones.  You can also select a specific date with the jump to date button. 

Tip: The timezone selector on your bookings dashboard ensures the times displayed are correct for the person looking at it. This is really helpful for people who operate in different locations. Your timezone should be detected automatically based on your IP address, but if it isn't, you can simply change it to the correct one. 

When you get to the booking you need, you can manage it directly on the page - you can cancel, reschedule, rebook, or mark as a no show right from the dropdown menu. Or, if you click on the details button, you can see additional details of the booking, like when it was made and information that was entered into the booking form.  More on Managing Bookings.

Export your bookings

To get a spreadsheet export of your booking, click the Export button in the top right corner of the Bookings page.

There you can enter a date range for the export and which booking pages you want to export bookings from. You can filter by the date of the booking, or the date the booking was made. This report will be exported in a .csv file to your account email address. You can click the Change to send it to a different email address.

  • A .CSV file will open in any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, etc. 
  • The link to your bookings data report will expire 24 hours after it is sent. 
  • Safari cannot format .csv files properly. Please use a different browser such as Google or Firefox to export the file.

Tip: to ensure you get all the fields from your booking form in to the data export, you'll need to set a shorthand code for each question you want to include in the export.  In addition to the default time, date, etc, each shorthand code will create a separate column in your spreadsheet.  

Free users - to manage your booking data, you'll need to consult your booking information in your Google or Microsoft calendar, or in your email notifications.