View, manage and export your booking activity

Paid accounts can access a list of all bookings on the account, or by booking page, view and download them to a spreadsheet.  

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View your bookings 
Manage your bookings 
Export your bookings

View your bookings

View bookings from all your booking pages by click  Bookings at the top navigation bar.

View bookings from a specific booking page by clicking Bookings under that booking page. 

💡 Need to find a specific booking? 

Click Bookings on your dashboard and use the search bar to search by booker name, email or booking REF.

Your Bookings dashboard will provide a a rolling view of all the upcoming bookings on your account.  From here you can move to previous days or ahead to future ones. 

  1. Filter and select a specific booking page to view bookings just for that booking page.
  2. Search for a specific booking by booker name, email address or booking REF (format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).
  3.  Adjust the timezone in which the bookings are displayed. This may not be the same timezone as the bookings on your calendar.
  4. Jump to a specific date to see bookings for that day
  5. Export bookings to a CSV file, filtered by a certain date range
  6. Click Details on a specific booking to see more information, edit booker details, or to cancel, reschedule, rebook, or delete. 

Manage your bookings

The booker can cancel or reschedule the booking directly from their confirmation emails. 

From the bookings dashboard, you can  cancel, reschedule and rebook, or accept/reject tentative bookings. All actions will generate notification emails to the booker about the change in the appointment. 

  • You can also reschedule bookings by using the links in your confirmation email, or by manually moving the event on their calendar
  • You can also cancel a booking by using the link in your confirmation email, or by manually deleting the event on the calendar
  • Manual actions to a booking will not generate any notification emails to the booker. 
💡Rebooking an appointment will create a new appointment using the bookers original details.  Rescheduling an appointment will move the original booking to a new date and time. 

Marking a booking as a no show

Once the booking has started until 1 week after the appointment ends, you have a chance to mark the booker as a no show. 

Marking a booking as a 'no show' will not stop any follow up emails from sending, and is currently only used for reporting purposes on your data export. 

Editing booker details

You can edit the email and phone number fields on a booking, as these are necessary for communicating with the booker. If other edits need to be made, you will need to cancel the appointment and ask the client to rebook (or rebook on their behalf).

To edit a booking, click the Details button. Then click the pencil next to the email or phone number to make changes. Future emails or SMS will send to the corrected details. 

💡  Don't see 'Edit' next to the email address or phone number? Make sure you have the right question type on your booking form. Only the 'email address' and 'phone number' question types can be edited after a booking.

Export your bookings

Paid users can export their bookings into a .csv file that can be opened by any spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, etc). 

To get a spreadsheet export of your booking, click the Export button in the top right corner of the Bookings page.

Safari cannot process .csv files, so the file must be opened in Chrome, Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer.

You'll need to decide:

1. The criteria you would like to filter bookings by. Filter by  booking start date to export all of the bookings that have occurred during a specific date range. Filter by booking created date to export all of the bookings that were made during a specific date range. 
2. The  date range of bookings based on your filter. Selecting a date range that doesn't match your filter will result in a blank or incomplete export. 
3. Include bookings from specific booking pages on your account, or all booking pages. Use the dropdown list to uncheck any booking pages you don't want included in the export.
4. By default the export will go to your account email. Click  Change to send this export to a different email address.

Check your email and click on the Download now link to access your .csv file.

The link is valid for 24 hours. If the link expires, login to your account to request a new export. 

Troubleshooting tips

  • Didn't receive the email immediately? Check that the email hasn't been delivered to spam. The email will send from with the subject line "Your bookings export is ready"
  • If you receive a blank export by email, check that the date range you requested matches your Filter request. Otherwise, request a smaller date range. 
  • To ensure you get all the fields from your booking form in to the data export, you'll need to set a shorthand code for each question you want to include in the export.  In addition to the default time, date, etc, each shorthand code will create a separate column in your spreadsheet.  
  • Safari does not support CSV files
  • All the data is in one column
  • Export not displaying characters properly

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