Resend notifications from the actions timeline

If a client has misplaced their confirmation emails with the details on how you'll meet, or there was a server failure when you sent a webhook -- good news! 

Account Owners, Administrators and Editors can resend these notifications right from the booking dashboard. 

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How to find the resend notification setting
Resending a notifications and limits

How to find the Actions Timeline

On your bookings dashboard, select the booking where you want to resend a notification by clicking Details for that booking. 

You can resend a notification on any future booking, or any booking that has ended in the past two weeks. 

It is not possible to resend notifications more than 2 weeks old. 

On the details for your selected booking, click Notifications timeline

You'll see a pop-up modal with all of the sent and scheduled notifications for this booking. Eligible actions for resend will be marked Resend. 

Resending a notification and limits

For future bookings

For a booking that has not yet occured, you can resend notifications related to the confirmation of the booking, tentative accepted notification, booking rescheduled notifications, and reminder notifications, if the notification itself is less than 2 weeks old. 

You can resend a notification that has been sent successfully, or one marked as failed. 

You cannot resend future scheduled notifications, or notifications that have been disabled (such as when you choose not to send the cancelation email when canceling a booking).

The option to resend a notification will be available 2 times. All notifications that you select to resend are triggered immediately. 

Once you click resend, you'll see the timestamp of the re-sent notification. 

💡 Can I edit the bookers contact details before resending a notification?

The confirmation email will only send to the email address entered by your booker at the time of booking. If they've made a mistake in their email, resending won't fix things.

If there has been an error in their input, modify those contact details and future scheduled notifications will send to the correct email address.

For past bookings

After the booking ends, you are only able to resend follow up actions. It’s only possible to resend these actions for up to 2 weeks after the booking ends.

For cancelled or declined bookings

You can only resend notifications related to the cancellation on cancelled bookings. If you've declined a tentative booking, you can only resend the booking rejected notifications. 

💡 Can I modify the content of the notification before I resend it?

No, resending the action will resend the exact same content to your booker. There is not an opportunity to modify the message before resending. 

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