Emails sent from incorrect address

There are two reasons why your notifications to your booker may send from instead of an email address you've designated in your settings. 

Let's take a look at both reasons, and how to resolve them.

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Email domain is DMARC protected
Sending and receiving email address are the same

Email domain is DMARC protected

What is DMARC?

DMARC is designed to protect against direct domain spoofing. A DMARC policy can protect your email domain from being used phishing scams. However, a DMARC policy on your email domain also means that cannot send emails "from" that email address.

Instead of letting the notifications to your booker fail, once we receive back a signal from your domain that it is protected by a DMARC policy, we fallback to using This allows your confirmation & reminder emails to continue to send successfully to your booker. 

To send emails from your DMARC protected domain you can:

  Integrate a Google Workspace address with

This integration gives the permissions to send emails directly from the Google Workspace address. 

As an added bonus, a copy of all sent confirmation and reminder emails can be found in your sent folder.

  Request DKIM support from

Qualifying accounts linking to at least 3 calendars can request DKIM support for their email domain. Our support team will provide the needed records your IT team needs to implement to authenticate to send emails from the domain. 

Sending and receiving email address are the same

Sending a message from an email address to the same email address is a big red flag for spam filters.  

It’s important that we take every step we can to ensure that the deliverability rate for your emails to your bookers is consistent and reliable, so we have taken the decision to prevent sending a notification to the same email address you're sending from. 

If you set up a notification to send from the same email address that is set to receive the email, we will fall back to sending the email from instead of your designated email address. 

To avoid emails from sending

Edit either the sending email address or the receiving email address on your notification so they are not the same. 

You can add & verify an additional email address on your domain (like to use for sending notifications to yourself and your team. 

👥 Notifications on a team booking page

When setting up a notification to a Team Member, make sure the From email address is different than all of the team members on that booking page. 

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